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Title: Cirth graphics help
Post by: Kiyoshi Aman on December 28, 2015, 08:10:13 am
Howdy, folks. Up front: I am a turbo-nerd, in case nobody could tell from the thread title alone.

I'm looking to do some graphics and script hacking for some games, entirely for my own amusement, and I'd like some assistance. I put together a font for Tolkien's Cirth runes, based on the subset of Angerthas Erebor he used in his English writings of same (source (, and I'd appreciate it if some enterprising sprite artist could perhaps go over and point out areas in which I could improve it. The current version is a variable-width ×16 font with shadows; I'd like to do 8×8 and 8×16 versions, too, but I figure this would be a good start.

(abdefghijklmnoprstuvyz th dh ch sh kw oo nd ng schwa &)

(Why Cirth? Because even the Full English mode of Tengwar would require ASM hacking in order to support diacritics. That, and my pixel art for Tengwar was pretty bad.)

EDIT: I downloaded Gemini's Melissa font and have touched up the shadow, and additionally added a rune for 'kw'.