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Title: Ehrgeiz Rip
Post by: Zoobuddydoo on September 29, 2015, 03:55:12 am

I've been trying to access the unused data images from the game Ehrgeiz. I've tried tile molester, GGD, TiledGGD, and PixeledGBD with no luck.

I have unearthed a few finds but I really want to see the unused stage and character images but I can't seem to find them any where despite all the tweaking.

Can anyone help me, please?
Title: Re: Ehrgeiz Rip
Post by: henke37 on September 29, 2015, 10:21:29 am
The graphics must be compressed then.
Title: Re: Ehrgeiz Rip
Post by: FAST6191 on September 29, 2015, 11:12:31 am
Being a PS1 game I have to ask if you have checked for TIM files. It is a popular format on the PS1 and is actually something of a higher level format than the closer to hardware stuff we tend to see on the older systems. has various tools, there are a few more as well.

Also you say you are after unused images. Are you sure they are in the game you have in front of you? Such things do often get lost from later pressings and even between regions. It might well still be compressed, encrypted or otherwise obfuscated, or even a different format entirely, but it not being there at all is always an option.
Title: Re: Ehrgeiz Rip
Post by: Zoobuddydoo on September 29, 2015, 01:56:59 pm
I've used a few TIM file programs, and they work well but, they do not give me all of the images that I can see in the data. Therefore, in this case, it doesn't contain the unused images I'm after.

I'm on the hunt for them because they were mentioned by people who wrote articles on the cut content of the game. So I imagine they must exists somewhere. There was one image present that was posted (i.e. verifiably existent) in the article and other images that were mentioned.

I never thought about the idea of it being present in a different region version of the game. I'll look into that.

In the meantime, are there any solutions if the images are in fact compressed, encrypted, obfuscated, or in a different format?

Unless the people who wrote the articles both lied, the data must be out there and be obtainable.

Also, I was curious about the arcade versions leftovers. Only--I have no idea how to begin looking into the files.
Title: Re: Ehrgeiz Rip
Post by: FAST6191 on September 29, 2015, 02:59:25 pm
If the files were used in a game then you have corruption, they are not though so you do not really have that*. If the files were there but of unknown type and you could repoint to them, you tend to see this more with music (ten audio tracks detected, only 8 used in the game, tell the game to instead play tracks 9 and 10 via simple pointer changing, maybe bank changing as well and the game will hopefully play the tracks without you so much as knowing word one about the audio system) but the principle works for most things with beta/test levels, 3d models and such are a distant second for that sort of thing.

File system using consoles are great so you can open up a game, look at things and try to figure some stuff out. However once that fails you will rapidly run into needing hacking skills -- hardware knowledge, format knowledge (existing and general concepts that underpin it), possibly some assembly knowledge for the device you are on and more besides.

*if you open the game, see 10 files of a given type (size, extension, name, folder they are in, header, general look of the hex...), corrupt them and things change but 2 do not appear to do anything in the game you might well have some unused/cut content and can use that to direct further fiddling.

"There was one image present that was posted... Unless the people who wrote the articles both lied, the data must be out there and be obtainable. "
Though lies are not unheard of you also have demo versions (quickly slap together a demo before you go gold but are otherwise in crunch time or you get Johnny the intern to do it....), developer/early reviewer versions (if IGN or someone got sent a game back in the PS1 era it might well have been many months before and played on almost dev hardware), PR images from the dev/publisher themselves (compare e3 to the final released version...), actual beta versions that might have leaked as well as the region/earlier pressing thing already mentioned.

As for the arcade version then much the same way as you approach any new system aka Namco System 12
Mother board
Daughter Board
and a whole bunch of other useful data, not so much for ROM hacking directly (it is not going to tell you what does what but it will cover various higher level memory mappings). links to a bunch of things on the CPU, a nice little instruction set summary to begin with ( ) and some encodings in the next one ( ) and later links ( ) getting quite fun indeed.
If you have the choice between learning this and the PS1 I would probably learn the PS1 first, the hardware is not crazy different though.
Title: Re: Ehrgeiz Rip
Post by: Zoobuddydoo on September 29, 2015, 03:37:01 pm
Thanks for the help.

It's A LOT to grasp but I will most definitely look into it.

I actually managed to find what I was looking for in the Japanese version of the game but it's got me curious about other things now.

I know game shark allows one to access certain data that is otherwise obscured. For example, Ehrgeiz, I believe, is built off of Tobal 2 and 1 and there are many remnants of it found in the game. You can play as an unselectable character named Rio as well as others thorugh the character modifier cheat. I want know if the unused stages can be accessed or if they aren't built into the game but just have tim images representing something that went unfinished.
Title: Re: Ehrgeiz Rip
Post by: FAST6191 on September 29, 2015, 06:10:35 pm
That will vary greatly, especially if it is just menus/2d graphics/text vs 3d models of levels and the like. What I would first do is figure out how the cheat works for this game. The PS1 mirrors later consoles like the DS (technically it is the other way around but you can read loads of good guides/videos on DS cheat making where the PS1... in industry I believe the euphemism is agricultural) rather than the earlier ones -- cartridges access very fast and are usually directly there in memory, your 2x CD drive going at 300KB/s on the PS1 does not really hold up when sat next to a nice processor screaming along at 30 odd megahertz. With that in mind you will probably have a good chunk of game binary in memory and that opens up a whole world of possibilities -- game genie levels of cheat ability could be pulled off with action replay style hardware if you know what you are doing, compared to old action replay/gameshark style things which might have more modest abilities.
Doubtless many cheats probably just force options the menus might not allow (the menu says you picked character 07, force the value to 0F and watch what happens sort of thing, though you can approach stage selection in much the same way) but some will rewrite certain small parts of the game logic.

One of the bigger problems I forgot to mention earlier is the PS1 very much started to use compilers and all that such things entail -- 3 weeks before the game is due and the order comes down from on high to scrap level 5 and on the cartridge/assembly days everything is probably a house of cards that you can (see also pointers as ROM hacking pretty much always comes back to them). To that end rather than excise it you just ignore it, tell it to skip and then maybe use some of the now free space to put something in (space was still at a premium). With a compiler you hit compile ( ) and it is like it never there, give or take some text  or an image that might have been left in an asset somewhere by someone that is not coding the game -- I already linked some code earlier, removing code amounts to maybe removing something between a curly bracket and anything in nice text form that references it but if you have hard coded it on an older system then what follows will also be hard coded to where it is and you can not just press delete. It cuts the other way as well for with the monstrous 700 megs of data rather than almost paying for every kilobyte means programmers and others developing got rather more lax about not removing stuff for space purposes.