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Title: A look into Digimon World 2
Post by: KHeartz on July 10, 2015, 08:17:52 pm

I've recently researched the basics of romhacking this week and went ahead and tried to start looking into one of my favorite games as a child--Digimon World 2. Looking into the disc's resources was not easy at all. I've tried many pieces of software to look into isos/bins and nothing was of any use. I used programs such as MagicISO, CDMage, etc... but to no avail. Here is what was laid out using these programs.


Just a couple of files: the SLUS file, system configuration file, and the DUMMY file.

After looking around on various threads and websites, I slowly pointed myself into the right direction, I tried one more program: IsoBuster. Using this on the game, I was finally able to crack it.


Also, fortunately, I was able to find the table for this game. Located here: I am not sure who the original author of the table is (credit goes to that person). I was able to find this table on another thread on this website (,12187.0.html).

My first task was to locate the video files, and having learned that the playstation uses STR format, I went ahead and used STR Conv and PSXMC, but again, these programs did not seem to successfully make them viewable. I did try JPSXdec, which finally worked (picture shown below). I was able to find the six pre-rendered videos that the game uses. This program also found the battle soundbytes, but I wasn't able to locate any of the music. JPSXdec also did a fantastic job of providing the image files. This program pretty much took care of most of the media file trouble. However, even with this software, there were still some major media files missing including the game's music tracks. I am not sure where or how these are stored. There is an "XAP" folder with several XA files, but no XA media reader was able to read any of the files.


Using the table, I was also able to uncover (quite easily), the dialogue files. They're spread throughout several of files, though I'm not sure what I want to do with them yet.

Some goals:
-Find and decrypt the original soundtrack files for the game if possible.
-Find the map files for the dungeon, determine which maps are available to specific dungeons and floors, and even how the warps, chests, digimon, etc.. are placed on the map.
-Explicit capture rates for Digimon. For now, I believe people are using estimates and noone was able to find these in RAM.
-A small part of the community believes that seeing/fighting Kimeramon in the game is possible on the US version, and though no proof of such has been documented, the belief in several individuals still exists. Though I haven't yet seen any evidence that suggests he's in the game, I do want to put this argument to rest; it's been over a decade now.

Currently doing:
-Becoming for familiar with MIPS and using the r3000 debugger in PSX.
Title: Re: A look into Digimon World 2
Post by: ThegreatBen on July 11, 2015, 12:22:32 pm
Although I dont really have any interest in that game I do appreciate the detail you provided with your methods very helpful to begginers, also monkeymoore can easily make a table file for most games if you're interested.
Title: Re: A look into Digimon World 2
Post by: KHeartz on July 11, 2015, 12:45:06 pm
Thank you. I will definitely keep that in mind!