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Title: Noob on the SNES SRW4 n EX, needs to know how data is structured
Post by: Junjiro on June 21, 2014, 09:36:34 am
Hi, newbie romhacker here! I've been dabbling on tweaking various SRW games on the GBA, using the hex hacking from SRW A and applying it to R and D. So far, I can somewhat tweak it.

I'm now engrossed with tweaking SRW 4 on the SNES. I've managed to manipulate the pilots' names, but other than that no joy. I've seen hacks of SRW EX on this site, but I know no Vietnamese. Does anyone have a data map of SRW 4 or EX (supposing they are similar, what with them having close dates of development)? Even a rough one? Can anyone help? Even a basic tutorial on how to trial and error in order to extract the needed data is of help.