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Title: Secret of evermore Balance patch upgrade project
Post by: Ninakoru on July 30, 2013, 09:21:28 am
Well, I'm going for an upgraded version of the balance patch. This time is more oriented on spells. Also I want to do it for all localized versions this time (Spanish, German), I'm aware Spanish and S.American people to a less extent are much more inclined towards the localized version: many Spanish people don't understand English well enough.

Couldn't find the Boss magic damage reference, but after a docen hours looking for it, I desisted while on the routine tracking found out that some values weren't recognized on my debuger (004XX range RAM addresses are not displayed or caught properly with the SNES9x debugger), so finally I come with a workaround, done when damage get the magic defense substracted, and altering damage value based on the current map number stored on RAM, therefore knowing what boss I'm fighting, other than the monster at the bug swamp I can't think of a boss that repeat the map.

Speed and Barrier spells no longer abusable. Speed boost was cut in half, so no longer you get max values with level 2-3 (get similar values on levels 4-5 but you have to actually work a little for that values). On the other side max evasion is capped at 64% instead of 99%, so speed won't give you physical immunity at any point.

On barrier I initially seek to change how it works to give only a no-dodge animation status or to reduce the time dramatically, but finally decided to limit it's use through ingredients, so cost gone up from 1 to 20 limestones. This give the user 4 uses (45 secs immunity) until restock, limestones are quite cheap at the time you get barrier. Another option is to change the limestone with atlas amulet, that is naturally limited because you only can get 3 from the rogue that sells it, and there are very few atlas armlets out there (IIRC one on the pyramid stage, can't remember of more right now).

Augmented regrowth time 50% (from 60 to 90 seconds), and effectively 50% estra heal. A L3 original regrowth heal about 75 hp in 60 seconds, quite subpar with direct healing spells, this should make regrowth more worth to wear.

Tweaked some spell powers slightly (10 to 20% up or down, barely noticeable). Spells should be more powerful as you advance into the game, if the spell is hidden, or the spell has a cheap cost should be taken into account. I didn't want to mess much around, I find spells widely balanced, some values come into my attention: Crush (found at antiqua early, can't miss it, cheap in ingredients) has the same damage value than Fireball (secret formula, not cheap to use), and is more powerful than Lance, a secret gothica spell. So basically I lowered Crush, and upped a bit the gothica spells.

Maybe I also tweak defend and speed times, they last too little time IMO.

Maybe I get patience enough to tweak corrosion and slow burn, I find them quite underleveled in both power and duration (should be at least useful on boss fights, but a hard-hitting spell is always better). I also plan to change venom damage to be more powerful depending on target max hp.

I also plan to fix a little bug caused by the shared weapon experience code, that would give the player a temporary wrong weapon level based on a background weapon levelling. Also would be interesting to stop dogcasting, giving some time with greyed spells until the boy can cast a spell again, still have to research on it.

Would be nice to have a to-do list of things that are still bugged (some of them were addressed by assasin), so I have a change to look at them at this moment I can remember:

- Dogcasting
- Negative values flip when saving with stat boosting spell on.
- Glitch at the ebon keep castle dungeon that could get you trapped.
- Chest at ebon keep that can't be opened.
- Place in the world map you can land and get trapped.
- Glitch with Tinker and giving him the parts for the rocket.

And that's about it, I'll keep you informed. Any suggestion on the changes or any new changes that could server the patch are much welcomed. Now I'm doing a full walkthrough to tweak bosses magic damage and maybe edit some monster and boss stats. Once I'm done with this balance upgrade, next one would be a hard-mode patch, adding a few extra mechanics to keep it interesting.
Title: Re: Secret of evermore Balance patch upgrade project
Post by: gadesx on July 31, 2013, 05:15:42 am
All the pal versions of secret of evermore have freezes in snes9x and others emulators based in snes9x, there is a way of change the pal versions to 60hz?
Title: Re: Secret of evermore Balance patch upgrade project
Post by: Ninakoru on July 31, 2013, 05:37:25 am
Uh, I don't remember if there was a way to change it. I do know there's no patch for this game that do so. You can always use other emulator or download the US copy.