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Title: Overblood - Welcome to Debug Mode
Post by: MeganGrass on June 28, 2013, 09:18:02 am
I apologize in advance if this is the wrong section, etc.

Brief intro: My name is Mark, and I'm best known for resident evil stuff., I got bored an unlocked a debug menu in the PSone game, Overblood. There are two way to enable it; either through use of a cheat device (GameShark, Action Replay), or manually editing the PSone executable (SLUS_004.64).

For you tech-junkies, sub_800240C0 is the function that activates the menu.

// Method 1: GameShark/AR
800240E4 0000
800240EC 0000
80024118 0000
80024138 0000
8002418C 0000
800241D0 0000
800241D8 0000
80024204 0000

// Method 2: goto these offsets and nop (0x00) the following 4 bytes. When finished, simply import the exe back into your iso using CDmage, etc.

Hold R2 and press circle to activate the debug menu.

Hold R2 and press square to display various debug statistics.

Pause the game (start button) and press R2 to frame-advance.

// Debug Menu controls
X   Enter
O   Exit
Code: [Select]
   ROOM CHANGE // Room Jump
   RUN MACRO // unknown; returns to debug menu
   SAVE // Save Game (crash)
   LOAD // Load Game (crash)
   MOVIE // *.STR movie playback
   BGM TEST // *.XA music playback
   VOICE TEST // *.XA dialogue playback
   EFFECT TEST // *.SEQ sound effect playback
   CAMERA CHECK1 // Adjust static camera view (preset)
   CAMERA CHECK2 // Adjust static camera view (preset)
   VISUAL // *.TIM view (320x240 images)
   ACTION // *.TOD animation test
   ITEM GET // Set item inventory
   BATTLE // 1st-person gun fight

...and the proof is in the pudding:
Title: Re: Overblood - Welcome to Debug Mode
Post by: JCE3000GT on June 28, 2013, 12:16:17 pm
Pretty cool man!  I'd love to see more debug modes for games--I think there are a bunch of games that still need this sort of discovery.  :)