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Title: Sega 32X ending questions (Cosmic Carnage, Metal Head)
Post by: goldenband on September 21, 2012, 12:01:53 PM
When I read Pluvius's answer to a mystery in the game Dirty Pair (,14358.msg220287.html#msg220287), it reminded me of a couple unsolved mysteries in Sega 32X games:

Cosmic Carnage - in order to get the best ending, you have to beat the game under a certain time limit, but it's not clear what the exact time limit is or whether it's affected by losses.

Metal Head - during the credits, you get an array of medals, but it's not clear what they mean (they're not mentioned in the manual) or how they're earned.  I've gotten five, but there appears to be space for a sixth.

Can anyone shed any light on either of these?  As far as I can tell, neither issue is documented on the English-language web.  I'd love to try to figure them out myself but (a) unfortunately I can't run a 32X emulator on my aging hardware, and (b) I wouldn't know where to start with that tricky architecture.  But a quantitative inspection of RAM/ROM seems like the answer here, since it's definitely not obvious during normal gameplay.

(Apologies if this question is in the wrong place, but Programming seemed like the best fit.)