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Title: zsat v0.1
Post by: wiiqwertyuiop on August 08, 2012, 09:37:44 am
zsat is a tool I have been working on recently to convert bsnes savestates to zsnes savestates. Why you ask? Well since most of the tools we have that use savestates only support .zst files (e.g. racing stripe, vsnes, YY-CHR, etc.), and since we can't change them easily, I thought we'd just change bsnes's savestates instead. So mostly this is for debugging purposes and what not.

Features so far:

- Converts .bsa (only tested this in bsnes v63 so let me know if others work/don't work) files to .zst files (only tested in v143).
- Imports OAM/VRAM/CGRAM/etc.
- Exports OAM/VRAM/CGRAM/etc.
- GUI!

Planned features:

- Support for all bsnes savestates.
- Support for ROM's with special chips (can't find any documentation on how zsnes stores the info).
- Make the states playable in zsnes?

Please inform me of any bugs or ideas you have.

zsat v0.1 (
source (
Title: Re: zsat v0.1
Post by: Lenophis on August 08, 2012, 01:49:51 pm
If you're going to convert them to Zsnes states, at least make sure they work with the latest version (1.52?) This will only add to the fervor of the older versions not dying and not going away. :banghead:
Title: Re: zsat v0.1
Post by: wiiqwertyuiop on August 08, 2012, 02:25:08 pm
Oh... truthfully I didn't know there was a newer version of zsnes... I seriously don't keep up with it... But i'll check and see if it works.

Edit: ...Actually it shouldn't matter much right now. The states aren't playable yet anyway. But once I aim for that I will make sure it works on the newest zsnes.