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Title: Possible transparency issue with Tile Molester
Post by: 4lorn on October 24, 2011, 03:40:32 pm
Hi, i'm having a slight issue with some graphics editing. The game is Light Crusader for the Sega Genesis. I combed the ROM file with the editor to find the maps icons for Castle and Basements (B1, B2, etc.). The original image is this:


After the edit, the image became like this:


I made sure to use the dropper tool for every relevant color (IIRC there were two blacks, both RGB 0,0,0; but I only chose the one on the image itself), switched to Genesis palette before doing it, did no copy & pasting of images, and made the edit in one go (instead of editing, saving, quiting, and so on). Any idea what I might have done wrong?

Thanks in advance :)

EDIT: Not sure if this is relevant, but the ROM file was in *.bin format. It's pretty much the standard format of the game online. Would changing it to SMD do anything? I remember the last Bin to Smd conversion I did screwed around with ROM info (as in, the game would work normally, but its code was using entirely different characters and such).
Title: Re: Possible transparency issue with Tile Molester
Post by: Ryusui on October 24, 2011, 06:16:21 pm
It looks like you accidentally changed the lighter gray to "Color 0."

It pays to try and replicate the palette as closely as possible, or find some way to simply import it altogether. At any rate, change the second black color in the palette to something different; then you won't run the risk of accidentally drawing with the background color.
Title: Re: Possible transparency issue with Tile Molester
Post by: 4lorn on October 25, 2011, 03:52:25 pm
Thanks for the suggestion, Ryusui :) I tried it again today, with the same results, though I'll run a few more tests (specifically, maybe apply the exact color as it is ingame) and then try some other graphic editors as well.
Title: Re: Possible transparency issue with Tile Molester
Post by: 4lorn on November 03, 2011, 12:45:42 pm

Two methods, really. One was using Tile Layer Pro which, while not as versatile as TM, still works pretty well. Since I can't choose to interleave tiles, however, I had to place tiles in the Arranger first, then edit them with the arranger in mind.

Second, somewhere between madness and boredom, is to find out where these images are stored in the ROM with a hex editor, see their values and then edit accordingly the values related to certain colors. This one is more trouble than it's worth, but works. I made a copy of the ROM, edited the copy, then compared both in Hex Workshop to see where it was using transparency instead of solid colors.

Both ways worked pretty well in the end. It's the first game I've (almost fully) translated! :) It's somewhere around 90+something translated, because I won't be handling things like sound (i'd love to change soundbytes like "Answer the riddle", etc. but have no idea how to) or the main screen title (I could translate "Light Crusader" but, really, it's not worth it). The "Computer Designed by Treasure" is also there, I decided to leave it as a sort of "signature" by the studio (since, in order to bring up the fact I did the translation, I had to edit the end credits and steal Sega's thunder, along with shortening the same line again about Treasure).

Now, it's back to working on Link's Awakening and going mad with Zero Mission's tilemaps!