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Title: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Lightpost on June 04, 2011, 12:14:21 pm
Hi guys,

I've reviewed the tuts here and things Google is able to give me so far but somehow I can't find the next steps.
I found possibly all the text this game has in its BOOT.BIN which is found in the SYSDIR folder (extracted using UMDGen). Found the Menu texts, dialogues etc and it doesn't look that daunting to translate to me. This might be the very first game I'll translate (maybe just for personal use/play so It'd end up having some spoony bard effect).

I've created a table for it and now I'm stuck since I don't know what to do next. I tried translating all the menu texts and some character names and a few dialogues and descriptions to english (of course being careful about the strings and all) using MadEdit, saved it. Removed the current EBOOT.BIN from the Iso and replaced it with the edited one but when I played it, the texts I changed are still in japanese.  :-\
I think I read somewhere that BOOT.BIN isn't encrypted or something. Do I still have to decompress/decrypt/extract(whatever  :P) it in my case? Is this the reason why the game still retained the original texts? Argh! I'm such a noob!

Google is leading me to different areas in this twilight zone. I really hope someone could guide me or at least point mo to where I should go next. 
I can't stop other people from telling me to just learn japanese instead, see screens like this and that, it'd take years and other crap like that but I'd like to know what those people say about those who made tutorials/guides for this. Kinda defeats the purpose. Believe me, except for knowledge and resources and help from others, I have all the things I need (patience) to be able to do this.  :-\

I also hope that Rolen47 can give me even just a little help as I've seen him had a go with this game. He was looking for someone to edit some of the images which I might be able to do for him.  :)

Thanks in advance and more power to this site!

Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Auryn on June 12, 2011, 04:04:51 am
You are so lucky's incredible....tell me 5 numbers between 1-50 and 2 numbers between 1-11...I will play lottery with your numbers.
Apart what I told you in PM about your luck having the text in that format ... there is more.

I was looking at the pack.dat because it should have many things inside and actually it's 60% graphics, 20% music and 20% unknow.

The extractor gave me 381 file but the tim2 converter converted only 250 files ... 100+ contain probably semi transparency that the converter doesn't support.

Work on all 381 files would be a big work (my projects are even bigger but that is another story) but like I said, you are a lucky guy...
You will need to work at 4 of them  :beer:
( (

( (

( (

( (

Plus 2 optional:
( (
and the First SquareEnix screen if u want to mark your translation.

Just to show you how lucky you are, here are some screens of the NDS version and what that poor guy is confronted with (apart 2 encodings in the game):
( (

( (

And this that look so's just the staff roll  :banghead:
( (

June 12, 2011, 05:22:47 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

I got a look to the "missing" tim2 that are not converted and you are still lucky   :crazy:
Images that need an edit now in total = 12
Optional images to work with in total = 5

You wanted a font, you have 3 now :p
( (

( (

Because of the fixed width of the font, because you are new to hacking, because you will need more place on screen and because you don't want to touch the pointers, I suggest that you try to do something like this:
Your table would be easier because you have only uppercase letters and less "symbols"
Read the whole story here: (
Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: KingMike on June 12, 2011, 12:47:44 pm
Well, luckily Itadaki Street DS is being ported to Wii, which will be officially localized, then.
Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Celice on June 13, 2011, 12:58:05 am

Itadaki Street DS... ported to Wii... I mean, this translation news was already awesome (I'm a big fan of Itadaki Street) but that's awesome news +2 :D
Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Auryn on June 14, 2011, 09:01:03 am
@Celice: if you didn't get it, it's good news +3 (

June 15, 2011, 06:36:13 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I answer here what you asked on PM.
By searching the net or if you have some experience in hacking the psx, you know that the psx have a graphic format called "TIM". PS2 uses 2 formats called "TIM2 and TIM3" and finally you will find that the PSP use....??
No, not TIM4 but GIM and actually TIM2 again.
My next stop is ... (
try GIM and try TIM ... sure you will find in less than 5 min ...this: (
almost everything your heart desires :p

For the images that are not converted, you need to try to use the editor, if it's not working, we will need to cheat with the hex editor (make the image opaque first), convert / edit it and made it half transparent later.

For my "payback", i want a copy of the patch :p

We can talk in here because the scene is lacking of psp threads.

June 18, 2011, 11:35:25 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I just found this (
by accident in RHDN.
It's not bad at with the settings and you will get a text file that look something like this:
Position : 3ac5c4

Position : 3ac5d4

Position : 3ac5e4

Position : 3ac5f0

Position : 3ac5fc

Position : 3ac60c

Position : 3ac618

Do they look familiar?? hehe.

Before you will ask me... later on you will find things like:
しかし %sさんは
お店を 1軒も

That "%s" or maybe you will find "%d" can be moved around inside the "sentence" and normally it will be overwritten with a name, item or a value.
Example: %s got 20 Gil > on screen it will be "Auryn (or any other player name) got 20 Gil".
"Player found %s Gil" > "Player found 30 Gil"

June 21, 2011, 07:13:50 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I needed some change of mind while working on my other project and this is what came out of it  :crazy:
How is your work going??
Anyway I see why your first try to move the text around didn't work...those pointers are a mess  :banghead:
( (

( (

( (

( (

( (

( (

( (

PS: looking at this pics, made me change the point "Audio" to "Other"
Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Lightpost on June 22, 2011, 01:13:15 am
Hey there!

I'm sorry I wasn't able to check things out online lately. Things got a little messy for me (including getting something into my eye which rendered me blind for two days).

Anyway,  thanks again for taking time to look for those utilities for me but I somehow most of them doesn't work on the computer I'm using  :(.
I was able to extract some pics using PSicure.exe but the others just won't run (when I double click on any of the other .exes, a black window pops up and disappears after a milisecond).
I'm gonna figure it out and try to fix it if I have some other time. Right now I'm concentrating on translating all the text (some with horrible abbreviations  :-[). Yeah those pointers. I hope someday soon I'll be able to figure it out!  :banghead:

I see that you've already started working on it too!  8)
About the "%s" yeah I saw those and experimented with it a bit. It doesn't matter where you put it as long as it is within the string right?
I also noticed the "U" on the lower left corner of the Main Menu screen. I also have that and am currently figuring out where that came from.
Actually, I've translated almost 80% of the text on mine. My not-so-little sister can actually play it now. I'm now working on the Chance card effects with the help of Google Translate, Babel Fish, Babylon translator, Gamefaqs and from here!
I've based my work on the english patch made for the PS2 version of this game (Itadaki Street Special). Someone already translated it so I just copied some of the terms and words. You can download the patch by searching it in Youtube "Itadaki Street Special English gameplay" so you can have a little reference.
If you want you can PM me your email address so I can send you my edited BOOT.BIN so you can check it out yourself (I'm not sure if my ISO is untouched tough, so it might not work for you).

I don't think I can make much progress on the next couple of days though as there are some errands that I need to run.  :(

Catch you soon!

Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Auryn on June 22, 2011, 09:04:18 am
Oh.. bad...I hope you get well soon.

You are welcome, I like to hack roms and help if somebody really try to figure out things himself.

For the utilities... you are probably very young then if you don't know what it measn that the black window open and then closes quickly :p
We are talking about the 2 rippers; they are in DOS.
Start by make a directory ("aa"  for example) on your c: drive and copy all decompressed programs there with all needed files.
If you are running vista or newer, you should find "command promt" under all programs > accessories. If win xp or lover, you can choose "run" and then type "cmd"+enter.
In both cases you will have a back window with some text.
Type "cd c:\aa" (without the ") and enter.
Type "dir" (without the " again) and enter.
You should see a list with the rippers and the files.
if you type the name of the program now and enter, it will explain how to use it.
"sjis_dump eboot.bin dump.txt 4 0"
In your case, dump.txt is the file the text i pasted in the post before (will be much longer), 4 is the number of valid characters before start dump that line and 0 is to not dump ASCII )

The other is the same thing, "texter" to see how to use it.
"texter -e pack.dat -tm"
It will create subdirectories for them

Game studio need to be installed like a normal program before use it... be sure to run as administrator when installing.

The %s, yes, they should be movable inside the text.

I didn't notice the U till you told's probably a pointer that was pointing to an empty space and now there is a U.
I will change all the U in my part translation to sequential numbers and then see witch one it is, then try to move the pointer.

As for the pointers, it seems that there are some "global" pointers at the end of the eboot and then those subpointers in between of the text that don't point to the exact value where the text is but need to be calculated. What bothers me more is that it seems that only pointers ending in X0, X4, X8, XC are valid pointers. Maybe I will try the drastical step like you wanted to do and point to the end of the eboot with it.

Yes, I know about the ps2 partial translation and have it on my HDD because my burner failed, i got already a new one but lazy to crawl under the table :p
I prefer to make my work and not base it on somebody other work and anyway I saw that the translation is incomplete and many people wanted the "player" text translated too so I thinking on redoing/retouch or complete that translation too.
Things with the other big project are not going so well, the group formation is not being completed and that just too much work for only a view people to do. So i am waiting what is happening in the next view weeks with that, maybe i will try to take things on my hands or wait and make a co-production with the french guys working on it.
If the summer is continuing like now, I will have alot of time for hacking :p

Sure i want to see...send you my email on pm

See ya

Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Lightpost on June 24, 2011, 01:30:06 pm
My eye's back to normal now, thanks!

About the utilities, well I'm not that young (I might actually be older than you! Hehe!) but this is really the first time I've tried hacking something. I'm a bit familiar with the Command Prompts and all that (used to work as a technical support for an U.S. Internet Service Provider). It's just that I didn't know/I'm too ignorant that those utilities can only be run using the command prompt. I thought that the computer's antivirus might be blocking it or something. Hehe.

Anyway, I sent you the BOOT.BIN!
You'll see that I've used horrible abbreviation for words such as "株" which means "Stocks/Shares/Pearl" etc., but I ended up having to use the letter "S" instead! 
I still got a few Chance Cards to translate and after that, all that is left are the dialogues which doesn't seem to be that much important. Oh, there's still the Chocobo Forest Casino mini-game and other menu texts!  :P
Once I'm done with the texts, I'm gonna try editing the graphical texts that you taught me to extract. Thanks again!


Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: DaMarsMan on June 24, 2011, 01:46:52 pm
I have already done some work on the PS2 Version. Tom from our DQ Translations team has done a decent amount of hacking into the script also including an inserter. If you use our work, I ask that you make the project a 'joint' patch release with our team and you. I coded quick converter scripts that converted my psd into the correct format for drag and drop insertion into the AFSExplorer program. It uses a program called nconvert. You can modify the batch and add new images and such. You can find it in the /images/convert_psd_to_insertable.bat

Good luck with this project!

You can grab the whole project folder here (

Here is an example of some of the graphical changes I have done.


Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Lightpost on June 24, 2011, 02:38:11 pm
Woah! That's great news!

I could use the translated title and do a little bit of editing for the PSP game and probably some of the translated texts but since I'm really, REALLY new into rom hacking, I don't think I, well, me and Auryn, can make this project worthy of a release like your projects.
This is just a personal project just to make it more playable for myself but I'm considering to cooperate with you guys if I see that I'll still have that much time to work on it (well, what I really need is more time to LEARN about hacking). I need to start looking for a job next month, so....

I'm now checking more of the files you shared and figuring out what those tools are for and how to use it (told you I'm a stupid noob!  :banghead:).
It sure is frustrating that I can't use ASCII letters unlike the PS2 version but I've gotten used to it.

A big thanks for your support! Now I'm really hoping that I could make this a full-pledged translation.

@ Auryn

I just figured out where that "U" comes from! It's the one from "MAIN MENU!"
Check out the offset "3ACCB0." I made sure of it by not putting any value (00) on that location and nothing showed up. I put a "T" and it showed up!
I hope you can figure out how to fix that. I don't want it to say "MAIN MENU."  :P
Also, something like that also happens when you access the "SHOP" menu (I used the word "PRIZE" on mine).
Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Auryn on June 24, 2011, 02:42:07 pm
Well...well..well, what big surprises here.
For years I was thinking I am the only one that play this games and now they are all being translated..good.

@Lightpost: Very good work for a newbie...compliments. I know about the abbreviations but maybe we will find somebody that can help us with that.
Saddly both psp emulators crash on startup so I have to copy everytimes to psp and that sucks.
Let's continue to translate everything and then ask if somebody can at least help us change the 2bytes encoding to 1 byte...that would be a start.
Anyway this is for me a secondary project and it seems that i got the other one rolling again.
I didn't check the U problem yet but it's probably the U of "main menu" ( i think this one) or the u of "rules"...they are the only 2 U that we have in common.

@DaMarsMan: wow, good work.
The ps2 project was just an idea because I re-discovered the patch some weeks ago.
The first time i saw it, my ps2 disc (a copy from asia) was unreadable so i forgot about that patch.
Is this a project that you are actively working on right now?? It's not listed in your projects.
In my list, this game is maybe number 5 or 6 so I will not give it a look right now but thanks anyway for sharing tools and informations.
Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: DaMarsMan on June 24, 2011, 02:51:33 pm
If we had an active translator I would finish it up and do all the photoshopping. I think my work was pretty solid. Right now, I don't see much sense in doing it if I have no one to translate. If anyone can get in contact with the person who did that patch in the database, I'd offer them to do the rest of the translation.
Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Auryn on June 24, 2011, 09:40:44 pm
I think Lightpost had contact with him but i think that if he never completed the patch after 2 years, I don't think he will have a lot interest to continue but maybe he will be excited to do it when he sees your good work.
Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Lightpost on July 01, 2011, 04:52:22 pm
Well, I just PMed that guy who did the partial translation in his Youtube account. I'm not sure though but he seems a bit busy or just didn't want noobs pestering him. Hehe!


Your work is pretty impressive. I wouldn't be surprised if you actually worked for SE. I like how the font style look similar to the japanese characters. It's even better than how the localized "Fortune Street" looks.
Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: DaMarsMan on July 06, 2011, 12:55:42 pm

Unfortunately, I don't work for Squeenix but if anyone has connections I'd do a great job.  :woot!:
Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Lightpost on July 15, 2011, 12:10:02 am
No doubt about that!  :woot!:

Editing the graphic texts has now taken its toll on me so I decided to take a long break and give this thread a bumb.  :banghead:
I've managed to translate the title page using the fonts DaMarsMan provided but I went for the official localization (Fortune Street). I'll put them up once I'm done editing all the images which might take a few more weeks.  :P

*Noob rant warning*
I'm probably,  well,  I am doing it (image editing) wrong because I'm having a really hard time since I found out that I just can't simply type a text in Photoshop using the same color the Japanese characters used, and scale it down. It seems that each TIM2 file only uses a specific palette and using colors not in it ruins the Alpha Channel. So I ended up having to pick similar colors from the original image and replace EACH PIXEL on the translated image text then I have to do the same for the Alpha Channel.
*Noob rant end*

Game Graphic studio had the convenience to show the palette of each TIM2 and edit it pixel by pixel but I don't want to spend more time figuring out how to use the tool efficiently. I wonder if you guys know any tools I could use that might help me a bit. I'm pretty sure Photoshop alone could do this but I'm not in the mood to Google how tos.

Oh wait! DaMarsMan, If you don't mind, can you give me some tips concerning my trouble? You've already tested your images on the PS2 game right?

Anyway, I've changed some of the terms I used in the game to the terms used in the official localization like "VENTURE" for the "CHANCE."
The only text left for me to noob translate are the WLAN mode texts (The WLAN switch is off, please blah blah blah) and the characters' dialogues, which I now also know that it can't be translated like the normal japanase statements used in the game (Aliahan's shop prices 30% UP!). I think I'm gonna leave the dialogue alone but I'm really curious what the characters are commenting to each other with their annoying smirks and all that. I'm sure it'd really add much fun in the game if someone's would help me translate it. I think the dialogue makes up about 25% of the entire text in this game. Each character I think has more that 20 lines.
I've also translated some of the character bios. It sounds silly though thanks to my lack of knowledge in DTEs and Pointers. I didn't really translate it for people to read and understand it. I just wanted to lessen the Japanese "feel" of the game. Haha!

Sigh! This is the only PSP game that has Dragon Quest in it....

Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Auryn on July 15, 2011, 07:30:29 pm
This is a 2 am post in middles of 400 people in a disco with some drinks in my head so take it as possible and not as sure.
If you have the chance to export the graphics in BMP or PNG format, they have the palette in the file so you should not have a problem with the colors anymore.

As for the character text, make a dump, upload it somewhere and somebody will sure take a look at it.
Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: DaMarsMan on July 18, 2011, 12:36:02 pm

As you have found out, there are more to graphic formats than simply an extension. Not all are created equal and many have specific palettes. Take a look at the text file in my images folder called 'convert_psd_to_insertable.bat'. If you double click this file you'll notice it converts my psds into pngs and then converts them into the correct format I needed to insert into the ps2 version... It uses a free tool called nconvert.

Code: [Select]
del title.png
nconvert -transpcolor 4 150 68 -colors 256 -out png -o title.png title.psd
del mat000_6.png
nconvert -transpcolor 4 150 68 -colors 256 -out png -o mat000_6.png mat000_6.psd
del mat000_2.png
nconvert -transpcolor 4 150 68 -colors 256 -out png -o mat000_2.png mat000_2.psd
del mat000_1.png
nconvert -transpcolor 4 150 68 -colors 256 -out png -o mat000_1.png mat000_1.psd

::Conversion to to 16 bit first to reduce color
::Then converts to 256 for compatibility with Game Graphic Studio
del se.png
nconvert -colors 16 -out png -o se_16c.png se.psd
nconvert -colors 256 -out png -o se.png se_16c.png
del se_16c.png

del MAT003.png
nconvert -colors 16 -out png -o MAT003_16c.png MAT003.psd
nconvert -transpcolor 4 150 68 -colors 256 -out png -o MAT003.png MAT003_16c.png
del MAT003_16c.png

You can see some things about the initial conversion...

1) I delete the old file with the 'del' command.
2) I call nconvert with some specific options
     -transpcolor r,g,b     <- This converts a specific color to alpha.... Mine happened to be 4, 150, 68 but you need to figure out if you have one and what it is
     -colors depth            <- This converts to a specific number of colors... Most of the ones in the ps2 are 256 colors but some are 16

3) Insert with Game Graphic Studio

As you can see about, I had one specific case where I had a 256 palette image that only used 16 colors. Sloppy programmers... Anyway, I had to convert down to 16bit then convert back up to 256 to get it working. You may encounter similar anomalies.

Nconvert can do a ton of things with images...
Take a look at the command line options (

There is also a gui version called InfranView but I really suggest doing it with a batch file because you can easily do everything with one execution. Then when you edit a psd, you simply double click it and insert the resulting image with game graphic studio again.

Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Lugia2009 on October 16, 2011, 06:39:30 pm
Hey Lightpost, I saw this thread and was wondering if the project is still going. And was wondering if you are going to release a patch.
Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Lightpost on October 22, 2011, 05:50:33 am
I profusely apologize for not posting that my project is currently put on hold as I've finally landed a job.  :-[

Even though I could manage to find time to work on it even with my very busy, stressful work schedule, the computer I was working on is way back in my province and that I wasn't able to bring along the project with me. The only texts left to be translated are the Chance Card descriptions, Character bios/infos and dialogue but
the game is now fully understandable (for me, that is. Hehe!).

I don't know when I can get back to it. Maybe when I've finally adapted to working. I just started a month ago, and I also have a lot of errands to do.

Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Ryusui on October 22, 2011, 05:51:23 am
Lugia2009: Your avatar is made of win, sir. Good show.
Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: Lugia2009 on October 22, 2011, 03:46:37 pm
Insert Quote
I profusely apologize for not posting that my project is currently put on hold

That's okay. Don't worry about it.

I don't know when I can get back to it. Maybe when I've finally adapted to working. I just started a month ago, and I also have a lot of errands to do.

Take your time, there's no rush.

Congratulations on the new job. :beer:
Title: Re: Translating Itadaki Street Portable
Post by: sonicandfffan on January 24, 2012, 08:48:14 am
Is there any chance you could release this as it currently is? We'd be able to play the game with the work you've currently done on it and that would be awesome.