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Title: What is Goveynetcom working On?
Post by: Goveynetcom on August 15, 2010, 03:41:27 pm
My own project thread, I thought it was about time  ;).
Secret Project... :o

Famicom Grand Prix:
Took a look at this game earlier, seems easy enough to translate. It has about 2 or 3 items that needed to be translated. One is very long, one is somewhat long, and another is a single string.
If any translators are interested, contact me, it's mostly katakana, and one kanji (from what I can tell).
Some is slightly translated, thanks to DS  :thumbsup:.
I'll post some pics of the work so far soon (just need to hack a bit more).

Famicom Grand Prix II: Hot Rally 3D:
Took a look at this game too, it's essentially the same thing. Although the long text section is a lot shorter.
Again, mostly katakana and one or two kanji.

Also, I'm always on the look out for projects I can help or collaborate on, so contact me if you want to try to give me a shot  :thumbsup:.
That's all for now  8).
Title: Re: What is Goveynetcom working On?
Post by: Goveynetcom on January 20, 2011, 12:44:20 am
Need to update this thread with all the stuff that got started or changed.
Pretty much dropped FGP and it's sequel for now. I'm starting to get back into hacking while juggling my personal life. BTW, the secret project was Famicom Detective Club. It desperately needs to be translated so we can play the full series (the other FDS title was remade for SFC and that one has been translated already). Essentially the way that's going is I need to get off my ass and learn Assembly :P. We need to expand the text boxes soon enough. I also need to hack the pointers and increase the rom size so that we can accommodate the menu translations. 
Title: Re: What is Goveynetcom working On?
Post by: Pennywise on January 20, 2011, 02:05:39 am
Just a few things. Not sure if it was a mistake, but an FDS game isn't a ROM, but rather a bunch of different files put together in a limited space. If all the space is used up, you can't expand. Furthermore, you would probably end up having to really cut down the script to fit in the translation due to the size restrictions. Actually, that's more of a guess and would depend on how much space the original script takes up. Anyway my suggestion is to reverse engineer the game and see what composes the PRG-RAM. Break it down into sections and see if there's the possibility to compress any data. If the grahics aren't compressed, implementing RLE should free up some space.