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ROM Hacks: Manall's Waluigi RPG 1.1 Release

Started by RHDNBot, August 17, 2022, 09:52:00 PM

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Update By: Manall

The anticipated 1.1 is here! After an extended iteration period, this went from a moderately-packed update to one much more all-encompassing. Waluigi (and his RPG) receive a variety of improvements, cosmetic and functional niceties, balance adjustments, minor bug fixes, and - yes - more.

A (very) short snippet from the full list:

- Bowser now has his purple mohawk! This was always intended, but got sidelined until now. As well, he has received buffs in multiple areas, including his stake in the final fight.
- A few names have changed to reflect later standards of the Mario world (e.g. Bloober-Blooper) and a couple battle script issues have been eliminated
- Mallow's Psychopath ability slot has been replaced by a new spell - Overcast. This new skill provides him with highly useful crowd control!
- NPC-related bugs fixed
- Fine tuning for a few spells
- A large number of improvements across weapons, items and accessories
- Several new items

1.1 is in fantastic shape, so get in there and check out the newness!

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