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Adventures of link side view editing

Started by Hynes Racing, March 23, 2019, 05:07:52 PM

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Hynes Racing

Im working on a hack for adventures of link. I've had a bunch of setbacks, some of which rendered the game unloads Le. My latest issue is placing locked doors. For some reason I cannot get them to line up with the floor when I place them in some spots. I'm using side view editor and the overworld editor together.
At first I thought it was the floor or ceiling anchors but now I'm not sure. I've been able to find suitable spots in other rooms of the palaces during testing but wanted to know if I'm missing something for future reference.


Trust in the Heart of the Cards

Hynes Racing

I'm using the side view editor tool and overworld editing tool together.

March 25, 2019, 10:22:57 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Both editors I'm using are by Njosro.

New question for anyone reading, how do I use the over word or side view editor and select the hidden town or the hidden palace?
I usually load up the file in overworld and then edit scenes by selecting them in the overworld which loss the side view editor just for the selected screen. There is no palace or town to select for those hidden places just an exclamation point on the map.


Hey glad to see you're back into hacking.

The locked doors always appear at the same Y position even though the game doesn't classify them as fixed-Y objects. I know the editor makes it seem like you can put the locked doors as high or low as you want, but that's only because it's the way the game stores it internally. It ignores the y position you want and just puts it at the predetermined height. (unfortunately)

As for the hidden town and hidden palace, it's kind of weird. Sorry about that. Here are the steps (It's a bit of a process):

Modifying the Hidden Areas
In East Hyrule, right-click on any other area and choose Seek Index.
Type 49 for New Kasuto or 53 for the hidden palace and click OK. The index you typed should then be displayed in the top pane.
Press B to access a very low-level binary encoding of the area's properties. Bits 2 to 8 (inclusive, counting from 1, from left to right) encode the y position. Notice that it's zero. This is how the game hides the area. change it to any seven bit value of at least thirty and then save. (Thirty is the minim y coordinate on the map. Lower than that goes out of bounds.)
To help you out, you can paste this binary value for the y-position to make the area appear near the top of the map: 0100000
You'll see the white square at the new coordinate. You can edit the area freely. If you want to hide the area once again, press B and set the y position back to 0000000

Hynes Racing

Thanks, that worked.
Is there a similar process to edit enemy collisions? In eastern hyrule I found 3 tiles that seem like enemy collision tiles but don't recall finding them in the other areas of the game.

April 02, 2019, 10:33:27 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Ok, palace question.
I set the palace rock on the editor and then play the palace test, works fine but doesn't place the crystal since it's a test. Loaded the game and started a full play through. After finishing the palace and placing the crystal I walk out. Game crashes. Any idea what to check?
Each palace has had the item set to the palace and a palace rock that is unique to its surroundings