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Started by sashadarko, July 25, 2013, 08:49:15 AM

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The game is finished. Everything I mentioned before is implemented too: checkpoints, fighting system, I even added in-game encyclopedia.
I also have about ~300kb left in the "ROM" so maybe I'll add a bonus campaign into it (which I planned to release separately), which will be specifically fighting-oriented.
Porting of the graphics is a total hell to do though, so I'll think more about it.

Screenshots from the Beta:
Sacred Line: Genesis / Sacred Line Zero:,16780.0.html

Special T


First post is now heavily upgraded, final demo is uploaded which is proofread by Watermelon staff. It shows all features and will end after fight with a skeleton.
I'll try to release it before Halloween, just need to make an manual. If you're interested to buy, download the demo and decide for yourself. If you're in, write me a message.
It actually was going to be released by Watermelon on cartridges, they also helped with grammar/spelling mistakes to make it more polished, but in the end their programmer/producer declined it because of the WAV system.
If someone here knows how to stop playback of WAVs immediately, your help will help to release this game on carts.
Sacred Line: Genesis / Sacred Line Zero:,16780.0.html



13th post, huh.

Sacred Line Zero Prototype Is Now Available For Everyone.

This is a 2015 April draft which was revised by me today (April 10 2018) before making it public. Fixed many text parts and fixed some crashes.

It shows about 10-15% of the game, overall it was supposed to be at least 2-3 times bigger than Sacred Line Genesis.

The gameplay of the prequel was inspired by Divi-Dead (1998). There are more interaction options and I tried to add an open-world feel to gameplay using direction choices.

Free Download:
Sacred Line: Genesis / Sacred Line Zero:,16780.0.html