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Some questions on hacking Megaman 1

Started by 4lorn, September 19, 2015, 11:31:27 AM

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Hi. As a personal challenge in terms of pixel work and level layouts, I recently began working on a small hack for the original Megaman on the NES. So far, I'm planning and drawing level flow and tiles. As it's primarily a visual hack, I don't plan on changing much how the game itself works (I had some ideas - energy tanks, moving platforms - but I'm starting first and foremost with what I think I can do better, as ASM is way ahead my knowledge). After downloading the RockAndRoll editor, I was somewhat excited with the editor's potential (still am), but the Help file indicates that:

"Virtually every level in the game shares a bank with another level. That means there is less free space to work with for things like scroll data, room order lists, and sprite changes."

Does this mean there is a hardcoded limit to how many rooms can be created, or a "safe" limit wherein one can exceed the number of rooms but only cautiously so?

Also, how recommended is it to extract and reinsert tiles with something like TileLayer/Tile Molester, versus directly editing them (and their palettes) through the editor itself?

Thanks in advance for any help :)


I prefer to edit tiles with YY-CHR, and preview them in NES screen tool to see how they look against actual backgrounds. (and Photoshop)

Altering the bank layout would require some ASM knowledge, but it's doable, if you really want longer levels.

I think probably you could double the level sizes, possibly more if there were some redundancy. Possibly. -- blog/tutorial on programming for the NES