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Not one, but two SMB2 hack demos...

Started by Googie, February 26, 2020, 08:47:07 PM

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What's up everybody? :D

I get alotta people on Twitter & YouTube asking me when will I release my SMB2 hack demos, so I caved in and releasing SMB2: Bowser Edition and Googie Toons!

Snag the demo here.

Icegoom did all the graphics in this hack, and he was cool for passing me the torch to edit the levels, he passed this to me in 2005! Now that I'm not homeless anymore I can pick up on my hack projects. :)

Snag the Googie Toons demo here.

I always wanted to see what my cartoons would look like on the NES, so in 2015 pacnsacdave offered to put my characters in this hack. Only a few enemies need to be redone, but most enemies and bosses are edited. I plan on redoing the levels in this hack, too.

The SMB2 ROM I used is Super Mario Bros 2 (U) (PRG 0), so have at it!

I do need a small bit of help with Googie Toons, I don't remember where the offsets are to edit the speed back to the original, in Googie Toons the Snifits and Birdo spit really fast, of I can get help with that that'd be great.

I hope you fellas get a kick outta these demos, I'm getting back into hacking bit by bit, lemme know what you all think, see ya's. :cookie:

I borrowed graphics from BMF54123's early SMB2 hacks for Googie Toons, gotta give him credit. ;)


Fox Cunning

Looks pretty cool, and congratulations for not being homeless anymore ;D


Thanks fellas, I'm glad you like 'em.  ;D

I'm leaning toward Bowser Edition more to hack since all the graphics are done, I'll see what I can poke at later on if anything.