Translation verification for SMT if demon dialog lines

Started by Gideon Zhi, June 12, 2015, 04:32:56 PM

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Gideon Zhi

What I'm interested in are the following two strings. They appear when you pick the second option on the left and the third option on the right, respectively. I'm also interested in what the second option on the is.

Second from left gives:

Third on right gives:

Thanks in advance!


Second option on the left is でぐち, "Exit."

Quote"I have no idea!

Last one I'm not sure about. The option says "Cathedral of Shadows" but the response is something like " can do [that] sooner or later"? I don't know if all her answers are as teasing/taunting as the one for "Exit," but almost want to render this as...

Quote"You'll see for yourself soon enough!"
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Oh it's Ryusui.

Isn't Jakyou one of those words you're leaving as is in the translation?
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Gideon Zhi

No. We're conforming to official nomenclature whenever possible, so Cathedral of Shadows it is.