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My untitled Megaman 1 hack

Started by Timaeus, August 14, 2019, 04:35:28 PM

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  It is been a long time since I touched Rock and Roll editor, so since I love making level designs, I decided to make a hack of Megaman 1 between my breaks from working on Sonic Cronos 1.7. My goal with the hack is to provide a fun challenge based around the enemies instead of cheap stuff, and also adding new colors to enemies, weapons, stages and such. The challenges on it requires some knowledge of useful tricks that the level design offers you to do and others too (like beating Sniper Joe on the latter by staying slightly under his shots on it, positioning yourself well, destroy the enemie when they first start shooting, etc.). It is also meant to be just a recolor hack with no new art, since I think we need more of them of Megaman 1.

  This hack features:

-New palettes for stages, enemies and weapons.
-New creative level design based around a fair and fun challenge with enemies.
-New weakness chain.
-Every boss takes different amount of damage with each weapon and the Mega Buster too.
-Different boss chamber layouts.
-All weapons except Super Arm takes two lines of energy per shot.

Only Cutman, Gutsman, Elecman and Bombman stages are done.

Now for screenshots:

  Also, a question: Should I mute the music of the hack so people can use their own while playing? I did that long ago without releasing and I though it was a good touch. What do you guys think?


  That is not based around the japanese version, so remember that.

  Constructive Feedback is welcome. Peace.


I'm gonna give this a shot after dinner, haven't played a MM1 hack in a long time, thanks for sharing your hack with us!  :beer:


QuoteShould I mute the music of the hack so people can use their own while playing?

Are you going to mute music without muting sounds? If yes, make an optional patch. If you are muting everything, it's the same as turning off volume in emulator, no reason to hack anything.

Personally sometimes I have the same idea for some games.


Only the melodies. Ok, I will make a separate patch with it. Thank you.

Also thanks for the kindness, Googie :)


No problem.  ;)

I got around to trying your hack, and I liked what I played, the level designs is where it's at for me.

If you dunno what to name your hack, how about "Mega Man Equinox" as a name?


  Awww. Thank you so much :)
  My main inspiration is Tsukikuro, because he always makes a level design where you must find lots of blind spots, lots of different ways to kill or avoid an enemy and making their IA(edited or not) being used for lots of different but so fun situations. I am tired of straight forward enemy placements, so I just put my imagination in action on this simple yet fun project. I LOVE being a level designer, and I think MM1 could have more simple looking but very fun hacks like mine or Kenk.
  That is a good name. Thanks for suggesting.


  The hack is having a massive overhaul. Now it has more than just level design, but also music, hand drew new art for everything, changed AI and weapons, new robot masters, new enemies, etc.
  I wanna show how the art is going so far, and I want some feedback about it.



  Also, here is the two robot masters that I made so far: Boomerang Man and Discharge Man (I still need to detail them to fit with the new enviroment). Both have fights with new strategies from the original, and were made from scratch.



This looks great so far. I like your art style--it definitely feels both fresh and Mega Man-style. I'll be excited to see how this project progresses. Keep up the good work!


This looks really cool so far, like a whole new Mega Man game for the NES.

One idea/suggestion that I just thought of, if you haven't already come up with all of your robot masters, maybe use Oil Man and Time Man from Mega Man Powered Up (the PSP remake of Mega Man 1 that added 2 new bosses and stages).


I'm diggin' those graphics, they look really cool.  :thumbsup:


two new stages are up as well as remastered art:



I want your feedback on stuff that may be wrong with it. Also, do you guys prefer Megaman to use black or dark blue as the darkest color? Which one looks better?

Also, thanks for the very nice comments! The wrong tile on the third pic is fixed now.

Sniper joe and Dynamite Man sprites made by Red-Bun.


New palettes and a new level are done, now more than 50% of the rom is done!



Constructive feedback is always welcome.


Damn Timaeus, the recent pics look amazing! :D

Keep up the smooth work. ;)


It looks very interesting. We are waiting for this creation to be released. The screenshots show a well - developed graphics, even to some extent - people who don't know can take this "Fan Game"   :thumbsup: :cookie:


The rom is cancelled for now. There is just too many bugs that kills the game that I simply cannot fix all by myself. I lost weeks trying to fix them and my sanity as well, and no one replied my latest post about it (maybe the bugs are too complex that way), so I decided to cancel it, at least until some miracle happens and I manage to fix the bugs.


That's a real shame, Timaeus. Your project looked very interesting. I wish I knew enough about hacking to help you. I understand if you want to put the project on hold for a while, though. Best of luck with everything!


  Thank you. I have a friend that is trying to help me out, and with save states and early builts, I am slowly making my way to find where the problems lies. Thank you so much for the kind words everybody. Lets just hope this will end well so I can finish it. I am excited to finish it~

  Edit: I managed to fix the crashing glitch with the help of my good friend Trinitronity. I still have to fix the Fireman door glitch but that is already a huge step. Hopefully I will be able to fix that one too. The hack will continue!


Oh it's great to know it's back up and working again- I am very excited to see where it goes now


Thank you for the support and kind words. I accidently posted a video here instead of the right thread. I already posted it in the right place. Sorry about the inconvenience.


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