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Non-Compliant Hack?

Started by GabrielJohn, November 06, 2014, 09:45:03 PM

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Exactly what it says on the Title.  What is a Non-Compliant Hack :huh:  I would really like to know. :)


A non-compliant entry in the database (hack, translation, utility, or document) is something that violates site policy/submission guidelines in some way that necessitates its removal. If there is something wrong with it that can be corrected, you would want to edit the entry. If you find something like an incomplete/beta hack or a half-baked sprite hack, these are things that fall outside the scope of what we want to host and should be flagged as non-compliant.


I'm 83.75% sure that the reason for non-approval is conveyed to you somehow upon rejection. I just went through this not too long ago. If it isn't made clear, check the top of the form where you submit your hack, you'll probably find what went wrong in there. My hack was just a sprite modification that, without what vince94 did, wouldn't have  been worth the download. :beer: