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Iso captain tsubasa mega cd

Started by daga1977, December 04, 2014, 05:04:15 AM

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Hello everyone
I'm trying to translate the captain tsubasa rom mega cd
Here my question : ;)

I have found the text of the rom, but when I change the tile layer pro and add it to the rom with magic iso maker stops working rom .


I'm not sure I get you straight here.
If you have found text, I would assume most of it is in "strings" format (i.e. series of characters represented by hexadecimal values).
In that case, I don't understand why you're referring to tile layer pro (which is a graphics viewer/editor). Are you saying that you tried to insert Latin alphabet into the font?

Just trying to understand what you're doing.


sending images.

Modify the first symbol

I add it to where the original file and rewrite

I think the iso.
is corrupted

thanks for replying

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