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Darkwing Duck 2 Project

Started by sergi, September 23, 2013, 10:01:04 AM

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Here is a new version of Darkwing Duck game on NES
It is completed for 3 new levels


Oh man, this looks amazing! I grew up with Darkwing Duck on the NES, and it's one of my favorite games :) Let us know when more levels are completed, or when a patch is available!

It's really cool to see all the changes on a technical level, like the being flown in the air by fans, the snowing, and the moving backgrounds  :thumbsup:


Have you figured out the compression this game uses for its graphics (mainly title screens, fonts)?
(It's the same as other NES Capcom games from the era)
Thanks a lot


Awesome work,can't wait to play it  :thumbsup:


There is no compression in this rom, it's a regular MMC3 mapper


Now this I'll be keepin' an eye out for, Darkwing Duck was one of the last NES games I bought back in the 90's. Awesome work you did so far...  8)


AWESOME SHIT man! I am speedrunning the normal Darkwing Duck,and there is already an amazing hack for it that changes every level. But this löooks promising as well! Can not wait till the romhack is released  :thumbsup:


This looks great. Looks like your putting a lot of effort into making this look like a new game rather than just a level hack of Darkwing Duck 1. Looking forward to seeing more!