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[NES] Super Mario Bros. 1/3

Started by Corpse Grinder, February 10, 2019, 11:36:14 AM

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Please make a ROM patch. As stated in the rules, ROM downloads are not permitted.
(and it's probably not nice to include GPL emulators without source code, but I can only enforce the former.)
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Corpse Grinder

I posted not a ROM, but a link.

You can delete this topic if you want it.


I got this hack running but the bubble death function is not working when playing with 2 players.  Is there a way to activate the bubble function?


You need to activate "respawn" in the secret menu (press left, left, B, right, right, A at the title screen)


Any chance of a patch or is this project just kinda dead?

Corpse Grinder

Super Mario Bros. 1/3 (W) [v1.1]
you can get from discord



I really wanted to test this game, what happened to the link?

Green Jerry

Quote from: Flaviogames on December 09, 2021, 06:47:02 AM
I really wanted to test this game, what happened to the link?
KingMike removed it due to it being a pre-patched ROM. Now the only way to download it is to join the Discord that can be found above diablo666's post above yours.
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This ROM Hack is simply stunning.

I wonder what had to be modified in the Emulator to get thios running and what stops a regular NES console from running it.

As the ROM size itself is 256KB which seems to be no problem at all for NES consoles (largest official ROM I saw was Kirby's Adventure with 512KB size! And even 1MB roms seem to run natively on a NES) I wonder what the limitation might be. Typically a NES can handle 64 (8x8 pixel) sprites at once which is quite a lot since Mario in large state would consist of 8 sprites, an enemy usually of 4 sprites and large enemies usually of 16 sprites. As I saw a longplay video of this hack, I think this is not the main problem why this ROM would not run on native hardware.

I guess maybe it's the amount of simultaneous sprites that this hack is handling that's why also the emulator had to be modified. Plus also the NES is not supporting an independent background pane. Some games use pseudo background scrolling to simulate a slower-scrolling background behind the actual Sprite plane where the action actually happens. Also a special palette is used to achieve a more different-coloured spriteset which can definitely be seen as equal to one of the SNES.

So despite all my guesses I must admit that Corpse Grinder did a fantastic work here and if this would run on native hardware, just imagine Nintendo would actually have made usage of these features. Consoles like the TurboGrafX or the Master System would have been pulverized and seen no light against the NES for some more years!
Maybe the good ol' NES seems more powerful as we all might think and this ROM Hack shows that bits isn't everything...

8bit never looked better than this!  :o