How do I transfer sprites from one ROM to another ROM quickly?

Started by Doodle_Dangernoodle, January 23, 2018, 12:24:29 PM

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I am doing a complete Super Mario Bros 3 NES redux and "overhaul" with several patches such as the Item Slot hack and Battery Save. The reduxed sprites are on the original, unedited SMB3 ROM. I would put the patches on the reduxed rom, but the sprites I made were overwritten by the original SMB3 ones. And instead of manually dragging each individual tile, I was knowing If there was a way to transfer the entire tile set of my reduxed sprites onto the edited ROM. I am using Tile Layer Pro by the way... Thank you!


If you use yy-chr you can copy the entire CHR page or any section of it that you like. If the tiles are arranged differently, you gotta do it by hand (one by one).

Gideon Zhi

If it's just copying one chunk of an SMB3 ROM into another, all you need to do in TLP is rightclick-and-drag to select an area in the ROM, then ctrl+C to copy/ctrl+V to paste.