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Question about graphics storage

Started by Chicken Knife, March 03, 2020, 01:16:13 PM

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Chicken Knife

I've done a fair amount of graphics editing over various NES / SNES games by this point, primarily RPGs. I tend to always have an easy time locating the sprite frames along with the background tiles. The thing I never seem to be able to pull up clearly are the graphics used for monsters in battle.

I'm thinking about a potential project for Pokemon Gen 1 where I redraw the backs of the Pokemon / trainer at proper resolution since the game currently displays those back graphics in lower res than front facing. Gen 2 corrected this and there's even a hack that replaces the Gen 1 Pokemon graphics with Gen 2 graphics--but I like the idea of maintaining the unique designs of Gen 1 while improving the backs.

So I quickly scanned through the graphics in a tile editor and it's the same story as with all the other RPGs I've worked on. I can find sprite frames and background tiles, but can't locate anything clearly discernible for the in battle graphics.

I'm curious if anyone knows any quick and dirty methods to access and edit battle graphics in these games. Thank you!