All nes and snes Super Chinese games now translated!

Started by akualung, May 03, 2022, 08:20:36 AM

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The nes remaining Super Chinese game, as well as a retranslation of the the second one for nes and the first one for snes, have been now fully translated.

Get the translation patches at:

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Well, I've just finished Super Chinese 3. I've enjoyed it overall, but playing it has reaffirmed I'm in some kind of love/hate relationship with this saga of games. I like the RPG part, but the action bits are hindered by the horrible controls the game has. The sprite movements are slow, clunky and unresponsive and it makes playing the platformer stages and random battles more difficult and frustrating that it should be (and I've played it on easy mode, but maybe it's just me that never been specially skilled with action games).

Other than that small flaw, it's an enjoyable game. The plot unfolds at a nice pace albeit, as like the other games in the franchise, don't expect a FF or DQ level of storytelling.

There's a part in the game in which you have to go look for a character, and it makes you go from one town to another across the whole world map chasing him. That's one of the game's low points in my opinion, as you can't warp directly to towns and it becomes a bit of a chore due to the insane amount of random battles. There's also a few choke points where you have to grind to be able to beat the bosses (which you fight against in a turn-based battle system, as in the other games). Well, both are usual flaws many games from those days have and many of us are used to them. After all, they end up giving that "old-school" flavour to these games.

By pure chance, I found a hidden shop in a certain part of the overworld. It was a fun thing to discover, and makes me wonder if there are more hidden things to find yet.

Though the game's not bad and it's technically better than its prequel, I think I enjoyed SC2 a little more. But I only played the official western release and it was many years ago, so I'll try the new retranslated version and see how much it changes. Next I'll move onto the retranslation of the first snes one.

Thanks a lot to Tom, DDS and FlashPV for giving me the chance of playing in English the only game in the franchise I had yet to play! You people keep delivering about games I've wanted to play for years. First TM Zero, the snes Goemon saga, now SC3. You have my deepest gratitude, I mean it.


What about the two-in-one GBA remake of the first two NES/Famicom Super Chinese games?


Quote from: gamingcat02261991 on June 17, 2022, 06:00:51 AM
What about the two-in-one GBA remake of the first two NES/Famicom Super Chinese games?

I'm not sure about Tom, DDS and cia's intentions regarding the gba ports, but, if I am allow to say it (and I'm sorry if I offend anyone by doing so) I don't thing those game are worthy of being translated. Those ports give me a very crappy and low effort vibe from what I've managed to see. Not even the clunky playability of the action battles seem to have been addressed. I want to stress again that it is just a personal opinion of mine.