Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Bigbossman1202, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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Josephine Lithius

I have a really dumb idea that would probably take far more expertise than most people would be willing to utilize.

As some people know, there are two versions of Might and Magic, Book II: Gates To Another World on the Super NES.  One was by Iguana Entertainment and published by Sammy Entertainment.  This one released in Germany and Europe, and was simply called "Might and Magic II".  There's also an entirely different version made by LOZC G. Amusements and published by Starcraft, Inc.  This one was Japan-only.

While the one by Iguana is probably more faithful to the source material and allows players to actually make their own party from scratch, the Japanese version is by the same people who made Might and Magic on the NES and it has a vastly superior soundtrack to the European game.  So, my wacky thought?  Import the Japanese soundtrack into the European game.

Considering how little documentation there must be on any console version of Might and Magic, Book II, I can only imagine what an insurmountable, downright unreasonable task this must be.  Still, I figured I'd toss it up and see what happens.  Who knows.  Maybe there's that one random person who's completely deconstructed and analyzed both games and knows exactly how to fiddle with it from the inside out.  Heh heh.

09/18 Edit:
After conferring with a friend who's poked around various music formats of various different titles, it's come to my attention that in order to do what I'm proposing, someone would have to learn two very different music engines then figure out a way to export / import samples and track data from there.  Not a very fun task at all.  So, maybe never mind on that one...


A few Gameboy Castlevanias ideas:
• Colorization hack combined with faster movement and attacks

Belmont's Revenge:
• Colorization hack combined with faster movement and attacks
• Merge both regions so Cross and Axe can be obtained in addition to Holy Water
• Faster text scrolling (specially bad in the ending and credits)

• Colorization hack combined with faster movement and attacks
• Change Boost Meter into Boss Health Meter
↑ As for Boost itself, it could instead consume 1 heart per 0.5 seconds
• Change the icon for the soul weapons (and rename them accordingly):
↑ Wind → Stop: Replace with a Stopwatch. The icon for the collectible Clock will need to be changed too (preferably to the NES design).
↑ Ice → Heal: Replace with a potion. Make it visually distinct from Medicine Jar and Holy Water (triangle shaped potion maybe?).
↑ Flame → Holy: Replace with an upright cross (not boomerang) or rosary.
↑ Saint → Wave: Replace with something reassembling what the spell shoots.
↑ Magic → Dark: Replace with an eclipsed sun.

Kid Dracula:
• Colorization hack
• Change the ability symbols (NOR, BAT, ATT, and others) to visually reflect what they are supposed to be. This is a lil bit harder to put in words, so here's an edit from tiles captured in VBA:
Left = Original; Right = Proposed change


Anyone ever think about making a two player game into a four player game? I wonder how difficult it would be on something like Bubble Bobble. There weren't many nes games that utilized the nes four score.


It would be very difficult. Not only probably memory/sprite/palette limitations, but the sprite limit is probably one of the biggest.
I've heard the game already kind of struggles to manage all its sprites, even in single player. Four players would exacerbate the problem.
"My watch says 30 chickens" Google, 2018


If you go outside the "runs on hardware" idea that underpins (quite rightly) most things we do around here then you do have the option to subvert AI players to be other players, do whatever puzzle bobble has by way of interactions in multiplayer (I assume it is somewhat like tetris and things like it that see you able to send things to the opponent) and send it all over a network as it were.

Otherwise yeah unless you are followed by three NPCs (doubtful on the NES, later stuff might vary), want to code in some kind of mario alternate players when lose a life/finish a level or you want to do something like the RPGs that each control a single party member the idea of adding 4 player is a dream barely worth entertaining as far as practical options for it.


Does anyone remember that 8 Eyes hack that was supposed to be TC game based on Castlevania? The fact that one user (who pretty much dropped out of social media as a whole) was able to do so much with one test hack that's available for download is one heck of an achievement. This leads me to one question: What if someone made an 8 Eyes hack that was modified to play better? Like different enemy placement, a longer sword reach for the player, better hit detection (if possible), being able to hit anyone with either character (like in the aforementioned hack), weapons that can hit any enemy (also in that hack), and maybe change some enemy sprites to better fit the location (when applicable).

I don't know if some of those are possible, but it is something I would like to see in a future 8 Eyes hack.


Quote from: FAST6191 on July 12, 2021, 10:09:10 AMhttps://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/snes/564896-shin-megami-tensei/faqs/58085 mentions "no random battle" codes (different for 3d and 2d "maps"), can be nicer if there is a half battles or quarter battles (or only high end or only low end) code but that usually depends on a potion/equip/consumable/timed pickup or maybe a story function (see invincibility frames or segments for similar idea).
Anyway those locations would form the basis of something I look into -- chances are it will be an if this flag is held as then don't do anything (or anything other than boss/mid boss battles) rather than anything interesting. That said usually immediately following (or maybe immediately before) that is checked will be the random number generator (whether it is random each step, or countdown made after leaving battle/town I don't know) but that is what you will want to look at and influence for your lessening or increasing encounter rate. Will involve some assembly hacking (as opposed to the cheat approach in those games that can do it*). Set a breakpoint for break on read (usually shortened to bpr) for the memory location mentioned in the cheat ( https://doc.kodewerx.org/hacking_snes.html if you need to know how cheats are encoded) and somewhere nearby will usually be the assembly equivalent of some kind of loop that determines when battle happens and it is usually a fairly basic either countdown or if random number above or below this value then which you can then insert different numbers into without having to understand word one of what instruction cycle count is or indeed be able to do the basic overview of loops as seen in any intro to programming course.

For the random forum searcher finding this in the future then should you not have any in game items or obvious no battle flags (cutscenes, story moments and escape sequences tending to be good candidates) then you want to find something in memory that is only that when in battle, whatever changes that might not related immediately to the random battles check but can be followed back to it eventually. Alternatively most things are based on movement rather than timers (if you stand idle will the game eventually get you to battle or battle on the next step? Timer if so), not that timers are particularly hard to search for, so you can search for things that change when moving (presumably back and forth in an otherwise secluded spot to minimize false positives). You could also do the code logging approach ( http://fceux.com/web/help/CodeDataLogger.html is for the NES but equivalents exist for many other systems and emulators) wherein the new code launched at the start of a new battle is probably the result of the loop hitting the "go to battle" bit.

*poor man's equivalent for less battles (sometimes also more if wearing off means battle soon) being you turn no battles on and off every so often with an external script (whether lua script in emulator that supports it or something like autohotkey autofiring the "turn cheats on, turn cheats off" f key or other key combo for your emulator matters little) -- in the basic scenario then it being on for half the time should mean approximately half the battles or double the distance between them, however it could be different there.

On walls that would presumably fall under graphics hacking. I don't know what hacking notes might be out there (while not as big as some this franchise does have some fairly dedicated and skilled hackers caring for it). Unless you mean you want to change maze layout as it were and that is likely more level hacking.
I can look into an emulator which has a code data logger feature and go from there.


hello friends,

Game from my childhood that would love to see an update. Pirate's Gold for sega genesis. Years later I found out about the amiga cd version with improved sound. Sega's version is faster in screen transitions and overall, but in sound department amiga really nails it.

Could someone have a look and say if it's possible to combine both?

Thank you.


I wonder how feasible it would be to create a hack for Legacy of Ys (Ys Book I & II, NDS) that zooms out the game.


Same as anything.
If it is 2d then good luck. Not impossible but outside of emulator level partial fixes (usually crank the framerate 4 times, move in each direction, stitch together) it is a monster job.
If it is 3d (and I can't tell what goes for this from footage, some might be but others look way more 2d, though it can be very deceptive, easy enough to tell in an emulator though) then might be as easy as setting the camera to somewhere which could be done with a cheat. Two general approaches being if the game has some form of this (some will have a camera that draws back to close focus but allows a wide/zoomed out temporarily) then hit that, otherwise figure out where it passes the command and alter that (3d on the DS being a separate write only subsystem). Possible bonus is on the DSi and 3ds there are hardware level widescreen cheats that might also be able to be brought into play here.


A Super Mario Bros. 2 hack with characters from TMNT. 👊😂


I have a couple of ideas for Parlour Games, a game that i played a lot in my childhood.

First, allows to play with the Computer in 2+ player modes. Currently, you can only play 1P vs Computer in "Vs. Computer" mode. Maybe, when selecting any other mode that isnt "1 Player" or "Vs. Computer" a dialog could appear asking if the player wants to add the Computer to the game. If yes, the last player slot gets automatically assigned to the Computer.

Second, not much important (only aesthetics), is adding back the bunny ears of the model from the title screen from the japanese version to the american/european versions.


I'd love two sprite hack ideas for the NES:

1) Metroid (NES) Zero Suit based on Metroid: Zero Mission for GameBoy Advance.

2) Battletoads (NES) with the Dark Queen as a playable character.

I need help getting these two ideas off the ground, please.


Palette Color restoration for Ninja Gaiden Trilogy for the SNES, those pastel colors that has sucks.


Quote from: Vallenatero2015 on September 23, 2022, 02:40:52 PMI'd love two sprite hack ideas for the NES:

1) Metroid (NES) Zero Suit based on Metroid: Zero Mission for GameBoy Advance.

I think this'll be more doable, I wouldn't mind seeing that. too.  :angel:


I don't know if I'm wrong but do you think it's possible to replace original musics of the Final Fantasy VII PS1 version with these from Final Fantasy VII Remake?


I wonder if it is possible to combine the roster of WWF Super WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, Raw and Rage In The Cage (and maybe then some) in one game.


We need a Dragon Warrior II&III exp/gold multiplier 5-10x


Something really stupid is swapping out Joe Musashi from Revenge of Shinobi with other famous ninja characters. Like Naruto, Mai Shiranui, or Genji from Overwatch