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Need participants for a Zelda 1 HACKJAM!

Started by The3Dude, December 14, 2020, 01:47:05 PM

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I keep having the thought on my mind and I feel like a hackjam would be very fun, but usually, only speedrunners ever do this.
Is anyone up for it?  :D

The rules are listed here.

You MUST use a base Z1 ROM. Cannot apply any IPS files to use in the hackjam, this includes Zelda 1 redux.
Must be able to beat the game.
If you want you can make a 2nd quest.
The hack must be finished creating and ready for playing in 1 week.

At the end there would be a poll of votes for who wins the hackjam.
I have no idea what the prize would be other than bragging rights haha. :laugh:

Please any volunteers! I need at least 4 people to participate.


This sounds fun, I'd like to volunteer. :D


Heh, this post is getting nowhere...

N3rdBr09 are you interested in a team hack instead of a hackjam? I don't think this post will get anywhere  :laugh:


This is a really neat idea but you def need to give it more times for people to join. Also might want to create a discord for the event or for LoZ hacking in general. This would serve as a place for people to ask questions etc. Heck there might be a LoZ hacking discord group already out there. If so that might mean more people interested in joining. When I did Hackjam for Z2 it was an event in Zelda 2 discord.

Also you might want to push for the event to take place over 2 weeks and not at such a busy time of the year. The editors that are out there are quite old maybe list some video resources and how to use them. Maybe create a tutorial yourself as you seem to really understand the ins and outs of them.

these are just some suggestions cause I really love the idea. 


I would disagree that hackjam is a speedrunner thing. Some speedrun community do not even show any interests in hacks at all. Not sure how this is with Zelda. Do you know people that run some hacks?

Do you know the people that do hacks? As far as I know it is a small group. Zeldix seems to be the place for hacking this game but I am not active in the forum and if there is a hacking scene with people. I do have a channel about Zelda in my discord but no users that would do level hacks. It is mostly about the redux stuff I did for this game.

Probably people that could had considered participating did not even read this post. A other thing is that there are no coder that does make patches to be used in a hack. Like new item, enemies or mechanics. The stuff that can be done with the vanilla game has been done a number of times and it is hard to come up with new interesting things. I bet if you had a jam about making a new item there would be more people interested to make a hack with it after.
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