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Cant figure out problem with patching

Started by chummer, January 14, 2011, 01:00:35 PM

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hey guys really new to this, ive been trying to play some games for snes but i cannot figure out why the patching makes my game not load. i have looked at the newbie guide and i have followed the read me files and the instructions are simple and just dont seem to work. I am using Zsnes, newest version so i understand that it auto patches. All i have to do is have the game file and the ips file in the same folder with the same name. I have done that for multiple games and it just doesn't work. the last game i tried was lenus II, when do all i am supposed to do and i load the game, i just get a red screen. When i did it with ancient magic i just get a black screen. Just wondering if there is some mistake i am making because i dont get it. I even downloaded the lunar ips thing and tried patching the game that way. I get the message the patch was successful but the game doesn't work. I have also tried using snes9x and no luck with that either. So if anyone could help i would really appreciate it, i have beaten every single english rpg for nes, snes, gameboy and gameboy advanced and im trying to get into the Japanese ones that have patches because i love these old school games. So hopefully someone can help, thanks.


Is the patch you are trying for the same version of the game? E ROMs for example may work with some U roms but that is not always true and J Roms always have different locations for their offsets.

All this is important to keep in mind when patching.


If soft patching doesn't work, try hard patching with a tool like Lunar IPS.
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I suggest you see if the patches need header or unheadered ROMs. If a patch needs a headered ROM and you try it with an unheadered ROM, it won't work. Vice versa as well.
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ok its not the the version because i have downloaded 3 different versions of the game, and i already tried hard patching. So how does this header thing work?


It's 512 bytes appended to the start of the ROM. It provides metadata required for copiers to work properly, and its presence or absence can play havoc with IPS patches.

Think of a ROM as a book, and an IPS as instructions on how to change one book into another, page-by-page. Now, imagine if someone added a few pages to your copy of the book. Now the instructions are pointing you to the wrong pages, and following them will make a mess of the book.

Now imagine that those instructions were written using a copy with said extra pages added, and someone later conscientiously removed the addenda. Again, the instructions are now pointing to the wrong pages.

The easy way to figure out if your ROM is headered or not is to check the file size (not the "size on disk"). If it divides evenly by 1024, then you have a headerless ROM. If you have 512 bytes left over, then it's headered.

Also, are you sure the patch author didn't include a convenient readme? It should indicate which exact ROM you need.
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If using ZSNES, make sure that the patch has the same name as your ROM.
In other words, if your ROM is called "amagic.smc" make sure the patch
is "amagic.ips" okay? If you're using a Mac, a Mac IPS patcher is
available. Check the AGTP Links page. If you're using a copier, you
probably already know how to patch the ROM :) Be sure to apply the
patch to a clean copy of the ROM, and make sure your ROM DOES NOT HAVE
A HEADER!. If you right-click the ROM and select Properties, it
should read "Size: 1.50 MB (1,572,864 bytes)".

those were my instructions with ancient magic. I i followed them exact, now i realize that the size is 1,573,376 bytes, so its headered. So i guess that means i need to find a headerless rom. So can i change the file to to make it headerless or do i just need to find a new rom somewhere else?


You can remove the header with SNESTool.
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wow thanks, problem solved, you just opened up so many games for me to beat. You have no idea how much i appreciate this!!!! :)