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Started by RHDNBot, September 16, 2013, 04:33:44 AM

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Update By: Kingcom

The Romhacking Aerie has released a full translation for the GBA game Oriental Blue.

Oriental Blue is an RPG that's part of the popular Tengai series, also known as Far East of Eden to most (see the Readme for details on that). It features non-linear gameplay, an intelligent battle system with a unique magic system, and near endless replayability due to countless minor and major choices that you knowingly or unknowingly make.

Check out the following link for a gameplay video that the group released a few months ago and then head right over to the project page and treat yourself to a download!

Gameplay video

RHDN Project Page

Relevant Link: (


Finally, a Far East of Eden game in English.  Congrats, Romhacking Aerie.  :thumbsup:
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Yeah! Gotta clean the dust of my old GBA SP and pray for the backup device to still work, hehehe. I was waiting for this translation for a long time  :crazy:


That awesome. A dream coming true at long last.
I heard the team mentioned something about English text, and an English title screen "Tengai Makyou USA" in the original. It'd be interesting if anyone could share details about that, just to see how would they have handled it had it been localized officially.


The logo screen wasn't really English, it was the Japanese name of the series together with a big "USA" formed out of tiles of the Hudson logo. It looked pretty ridiculous.
The only bits of english text were for a minigame, it wasn't much. But I found a flag that swaps out several graphics with alternate versions if you activate it, which includes showing said logo. So there may really have been some early plans to localize it back then.


I wish I could see those for myself (hopefully these being documented at sites like tcrf would give it more exposure).
Anyways, you are awesome :)


Quote from: Malias on September 16, 2013, 05:20:15 AM
Finally, a Far East of Eden game in English.


Thank you so much for translation guys, I can't wait to boot it up :)


But this isn't a Far East of Eden game, it's even stated in the readme along with a detailed explanation. :O
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Thanks alot. Been waiting for this.

(and off to ebay to quickly get an original. I kind of procrastinated and I can see prices going up now.)
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Thank you so much for bringing this game to non-Japanese speaking audiences, highly appreciated.  :thumbsup:


Can you guys read my mind or something? I swear I was thinking about this project earlier today, and was just about to check the Aerie page to see if any progress was made! :huh:

Anyway, now that it's out... screw my backlog, this takes top priority! Thanks to everyone involved - especially Tom, who I know is a diehard fan of the series and must be really looking forward to see it get some Western love!



GREAT game, really. I take this opportunity to encourage everyone here who also likes the game behind the translation to vote on her/his prefered rating site, so ratings like this: will be changed to something more adequate. Of course you need to take your time first and play the actual game for a while, but I also noticed that with older translated games who had much more positive than negative comments here and BS ratings 'out there'.

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I know of the Far East of Eden series, but the only game I've played from the series is Kabuki Clash, a FEofE fighting game for the Neo Geo.

...Exactly how does this RPG stack up to other RPGs?


Never played it myself, but Famitsu gave it a 28/40, which is pretty low since they tend to overrate RPGs.

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Probably because it was not technically impressive enough. There is a lot of ingame-depth you won't find in other RPGs, but the graphics and fighting system seem very generic at the beginning, so this might have led to a low Famitsu score.


Does this game have anywhere near the level of humor the mainline Far East of Eden stuff has?  I'm interested either way of course, but humor would go a long way to making the game stand out as something to definitely play.  Glad to see it released.
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Not much humor, according to Hardcore Gaming 101.
QuoteSome games are more humorous than others - the first game in the series, Ziria, carries a mostly serious tone with some lighthearted moments, and the recent Oriental Blue for the Gameboy Advance is almost entirely straightlaced. But the third game in the series, Fuun Kabukiden, begins a slow descent in weirdness (featuring singing bosses) and Tengai Makyou 4 for the Saturn is one of the most ridiculous RPGs on the planet, perhaps superceding Earthbound in its absurdness.

Btw, the translator Tom posted a review of the game on GameFAQs. He's a bit biased though, since I heard he's a big fan of the series. xD


Why did someone say this is not part of the series?

Its a side story then right?
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