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Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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With Persona turning 25 this year, I thought somebody should make a delocalization patch for the very 1st game on PS1.

Goros Lair

The Lost Vikings 2 (SNES) -> enable the 3 players simultaneous option;
Donkey Kong Country Trilogy (SNES) -> enable the 2 players simultaneous option (it's the original project indeed);
Seiken Densetsu 3 (Trials of Mana) -> To fix the 3 players simultaneous mode. Since 2006 that it wasn't fixed.
More info here -> https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/588648-seiken-densetsu-3/41743083

Scooby-Doo -> To fix Daphne's color. You can see the problem here = https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/g5pLlwA


So, someone made a music hack for Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance, but rather than improve the music they simply REPLACED it. My suggestion is that someone hacks the wavetable to make the instruments sound nicer...

And while on the subject of Castlevania, the Underground Gallery in Circle of the moon has some tiling mishaps that are rather jarring, suh as the half goat head or the 1/3 of a statue... and they appear to be related to a misused metatile:


A "Real Names Patch" for a couple of F1-based N64 games:

  • F1 Pole Position 64: Restore Jacques Villeneuve in place of the generic "Driver-X" at Williams F1 (he wasn't available in the game due to a licensing dispute not resolved until 1999), adding his stats and portrait as well. Also restore the original identities of the "free agent" drivers available to switch in edit mode (in Japanese version they were correct, the list is available at TCRF).
  • F-1 World Grand Prix: Also restore Villeneuve to Williams, this time replacing "Driver Williams". In this particular case, that generic placeholder is used by the name as a "cheat input", depending to what it's renamed, some easter eggs are unlocked (even a extra track). I suggest, in this case, to add an extra option in the menu called "Cheats" (or "Extras", you choose) that will "replace" the rename feature for Driver Williams to allow players to still unlock those easter eggs.
  • F-1 World Grand Prix II: Like both examples before, restore Villeneuve, but in this game the only easter egg to be unlocked using the Driver Williams rename trick is the Jerez track that didnt appeared in 1998 season. Maybe add the "Extras" like i suggested before, or just make Jerez to permanently be available after Suzuka (like how it was intended to be in real life).


A hack that reduces the difficulty of Rayman for PS1.

-Players keep the tings they've collected after death.
-1ups respawn.
-Always start with five HP.
-Infinite continues.
-Rayman can crawl left or right using the d-pad instead of the l1, l2, R1 and R2 buttons.
Pretty much everything else is fine as is. :)


Since Dragon Warrior II for NES is both poorly balanced and easy to mod, what about a proper overhaul?


Ever since learning of the Roll-Chan hacks of Mega Man, I really had wished the other Mega Man series games like X or Battle Network at least did the same in a way. I mean sure, it'd be a hassle for the 3 X SNES games and the Battle Network games, but I would love to have seen those kind of games made one day.


I was recently pondering about which early PSX titles would be feasible to port to SNES/Genesis, and thought about a Final Fantasy Tactics port to SNES. Since Tactics Ogre works even better on SNES than PSX, would it be a viable project?
Maybe for Genesis it would be easier, given the recent magic that GameDevBoss pulled, like a huge Earthquake (Samurai Showdown) or even a Street Fighter V for Genesis (and a fully playable version of Fatal Fury).


Appeal to ROM author. Sonic 2 anniversary edition by SophieDude
What about Wood zone, Rock world zone, winter zone? Please return
Rock World Zone, likely known internally as just "Rock Zone" is mentioned multiple times in internal documents and sketches, though what it contained is unclear. The scrapped Banper enemies were also set to appear in the stage, suggesting some thought had been put into its creation before being scrapped.
With a very generic working name it is fully possible Rock Zone became something else, such as Mystic Cave Zone or even Hidden Palace Zone, which take place in rocky environments.

Winter Zone, created by Brenda Ross was to recycle graphics from the above desert stage but with a suitable winter palette. Cacti would have been replaced with Christmas trees[6], and the two levels placed far apart so that the recycling would be less obvious. According to art director Tim Skelly, very little else was produced for the winter theme.
May be change soundtrack of the levels?

Spit shot

To start off, I have no skills when it comes to Coding. But I am bursting with ideas, this one being a person al favorite.

The Goal for this "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" Rom Hack is to make a game that is friendly to newcomers while being a fresh new challenge to veterans. Starting out with the Minor Circuit.

Glass Joe: If he's hit during the first 5 seconds, he'll block all hits until he does his taunt. Otherwise, he'll go on the offense. And, to add a bit of salt, if you prematurely dodge, he'll wind up and throw a hit, landing just as you return to the center. His changes are meant to reinforce the style of "Dodge his punch, and counter punch." But he is Glass Joe, and the player should be able to move on to.

Von Kaiser: His improvement are all in his defenses, with blocking his stomach all the time and duck any face punch, immediately followed by countering with an uppercut. His changes are the same reason for Glass Joe. Course  he will be open to blows when he winds up for a hit, and with a good uppercut they should be able to come up to a new comer.

Bear Hugger: With the body of King Hippo, except with his arms raised to his sides. His move set consists of hooks and overheads, flipping between which hand to hit with. The big thing with him is that his hooks extended all the way to the left or right depending on which hand he uses, his overheads can hit the player when he's ducking, and to top it all off when the player blocks he'll go for his "Bear Hug" which can only be avoided by duck. His purpose is to teach the player on the new mechanic, that certain moves can only be dodged in certain directions, and they'll be able to win with long wind ups, weak hits (except for the bear hug), and the same uppercut weakness as Von Kaiser. And with that, it's time for the Title Bout.

Piston Honda: Same move set and damage output, but after the first knock down his patterns are upgraded. Jabs come in twos with counter punching only yielding one hit, hooks comes in twos, the wiggling uppercut in thrown into the mix, and he has the defense pattern of Von Kaiser. In phase three, his jabs, uppercuts and "Honda Rush" are those from his rematch fight, and hooks are followed immediately by a wiggle uppercuts. The changes are made to make him more of a Boss Fight, this will to apply to all title bouts. But with enough perseverance, the player should be able to defeat him and move up to the Major Circuit.

Dragon Chan: An newcomer, with the body and head shape of Glass Joe, he has his left arm raised and right arm supporting his left. He throws some quick jabs and hooks, with a kick throw in. The kicks has the same power as an uppercut with the range of hooks, the wind up is the same as a hook but with his arms in a guarding instead of stretched out. At 1:30 or when below 1/3 health, he'll do a flying kick, an instant knockdown, but it his a big window to counter. He's work a glass cannon, a lot of damage but very frail, with a good few hits, he'll be down and out, moving on to.

Don Flamenco: He'll open with jabs and hooks, but 3/4 health, he'll be taunting a blocking all hit, only striking after 9 hits or when they're exhausted, after being downed to 1/4 health he'll go back to attacking. The "Left Right Left Right" infinite only works once and the "Left Left Right" along with the "Right Right Left" only extends up to nine times. In contrast to Dragon Chan's offense, Don's all about defenses, but with enough chipping, it's off to someone that both strong in both fields.

King Hippo: Same but with a new move and more RNG. After a jab, there's a 10% chance his mouth will be open after throwing a punch. When going for and overhead, there's a 50% his mouth isn't open. His new move, the ear clap, raising both arms and dropping them down for massive damage. That move has a 90% chance for having his mouth open, otherwise they better duck. He works as a Mini Boss, with hard hits and a strong guard, but with only one knockdown need, you should win the chipping game. And up next, the Indian Magician Himself!

Great Tiger: With him coping Von Kaisers body, he also copies his new defenses, as well as his uppercuts having the range of hooks. But being hit with an uppercut, he immediately goes into his "Tiger Punch", but after his first knockdown, it's time for the main show. Act one, starting from a corner, he'll teleport toward three times, then appearing in front for an uppercut. Act two, he'll split into two, then one teleports followed by the other, the first one always goes for a jab with the other one hitting with an uppercut. Act three, hopping back his gem will flash a series of colors corresponding to a punch, then attack in that order, knock him down and it's time for the Final Act. He'll split into four and teleport around, each one doing an act, defeat each one, he reappears dizzied as a reward for weathering the storm. The reason I'm fiving him so much in because once you know what your doing, he's quite shallow. And beside, all these trick are very much in contrast to the Champion of the Circuit.

Bald Bull: Much like Honda, the same until he's knocked down. Phase two, he immediately goes into a short "Bull Charge", the damage is scaled down to the same a two hooks, and counting punching only gets the player a star. This time, much like the rematch fight, improved defenses and only being knockdown by a star uppercut, except with the same recovery and no ear rub. To replace to ear rub, if the player hit the stomach after he uppercuts, you'll get a star and he'll stop doing uppercuts. Phase three, the gut hit when he uppercuts is gone, and the short bull charge is the same as the rematch fight. He serves as foreshadowing for how tough the World Circuit will be, and as test if the player is ready.

Mr. Dream: Downgraded for being a god, he follow his round 3 pattern, with very wimpy punches and much slower specials. I just want him to be in he, and as I suppose his serves as a warm up for the other six, starting with.

Kid Quick: Body and Head of Glass Joe, with the numbers of Rematch Don Flamenco. Replace the guarding gimmick with only being able to get one counter punch. The only way to get a good number of hits is to hit as he winds up or rapid hits. For his special, at the same times as Piston Honda rematch, he'll step back like Glass Joe and rush them with five quick jabs, but has the and frames for a counter like Glass Joe. The real guard of the World Circuit, beating him will allow you to face.

Soda Popinski: The same confusing Southpaw fighter. What make him harder is that you can only faint him once, doing the same thing will just end up with them taking an uppercut to the face. Another faint they can do is ducking when he jabs, hitting after doing that will fish you a star, but you can only do that once as well. I the player to learn he pattern rather than block constantly. Send him flying and it time for this Circuit's Mini Boss.

Petre Pasta: With the body of Bald Bull, and the head of Pizza Pasta, he has the same pattern as rematch Bald Bull with some new trick and changes. The health gained from successful hit and blocked hit are doubled, with only being downed by a star uppercut. After the first wind up for a jab, the rest will immediately come out one after another. His special, grabbing the opponent for a random number of seconds then doing and KO uppercut. As something to make to easier, he has the ear rub. He works a regenerating wall that requires almost perfect movement to down him, but once that done, the next three have changes in phase three.

Bullet Hurricane: Piston Hurricane renamed because I don't want two Pistons, start the fight with a Rush Attack. After that, he the same as Piston Honda Rematch, except with some cross punches in the mix. After two knockdowns or when it's hit frames double, going for jabs with no wind up, fast crosses, and a the eyebrow twitch going into the rush attack. Hard but possible to defeat, but the next one is much more brutal.

Mr. Sandman: Same brain busting, hard as brass fight, but with a few additions. His hooks as mixed with overhead, alternating between each hand, but after a random number of hits he'll go for an uppercut regardless if it's been him dodging and counter punching. After two knockdown or when it's the 3rd round, he'll fly into a complete rage, going for 13 consecutive jab with no wind up, followed by non stop hook and overheads, and at 2:00 he ends with an extended Dreamland Express that goes for nine hits. And as some extra salt, waiting for the last round and downing him during the Express is no an instant KO. But like them all, practice enough and you should be able to move on to the title bout.

Super Macho Man: Same muscle man with the only changes wiggling uppercuts being more common and the phases. Phase two, after his super spin punch he'll do a wiggling uppercut into a spin punch ending with a hook, now whenever he does wiggling uppercut, there's a chance do a spinning hooker, or just end with the spin punch. At phase three or at the start of round three, his super spin punch can go between 9 or 15 rotations, but after 7 spins, and uppercut and down him instantly. Now that you the champion of the world, it's time for the dream fight.

Mike Tyson: Same as ever, except. If he's been knocked down twice during the first round, he'll wink, doing a Rush Attack followed by three uppercuts. Now he'll continue to dynamite punch, if hit five times in a row, he'll do the wink rush, doing this until the round ends. Now during round 2 and 3, his punch will be as meaty as they were during the first round. This act as an extra challenge for those who have mastered Mike Tyson.

Final: I really want this to be made.


I was wondering if there was a Tetris GB Colorization hack, so after a day, I was unable to find any.
I thought that there was, but for some reason, there was none.
If anyone wants to make that, then I would be in favor of it.


Is it really worth doing when Tetris DX exists? Other than the infinite spin glitch it is basically the same game.

You also have things like https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/5813/ though that is more of a bring it in line with some modern ideas aspect.
https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/6884/ also exists to tweak the graphics.

Most of the hacks to turn GB into GBC things will be detailed in https://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=33121 as well if you want.
Someone might have made an emulator level palette swap/colourisation thing for this but eh.


Fast is right. And besides, some games that are DX GBC games are already in color. The Sailor Moon GB games, they're another story. And also, I wish that the translation for the first Sailor Moon GB was finished up as the original translator had left this game translation unfinished apparently.


I had an idea for an improvement patch for Super Mario 3 that I have never seen. I feel like it should be doable. The idea is to make smb3 like smw in that you can replay any level after you beat it. The original had it so after beating a level it was finished and you could not replay it, but just like smw it would be great if a player could replay any level.

I had a couple ideas for getting from world to world. In each world maybe a pipe could be there to help players transition from one to the next. Another idea is that there is a single whistle in your inventory that has infinite uses. It transports you to the world select screen and the world pipes are all connected making traveling easier. Also if the player has an infinite use whistle then all normal whistles could be switched out for other power ups. Example: World 1 Level 3 gives you a hammer brother suit.

I feel this would be a nice change to this amazing game.


My problem with Tetris DX is that there isn't a Rosy Retrospection hack for it, and so it lacks many of the features that Rosy Retrospection brings with it, but now when I think about it, a Rosy Retrospection hack of Tetris DX would be great.


Quote from: peacefighter on October 25, 2022, 04:22:49 PMI had an idea for an improvement patch for Super Mario 3 that I have never seen. I feel like it should be doable. The idea is to make smb3 like smw in that you can replay any level after you beat it. The original had it so after beating a level it was finished and you could not replay it, but just like smw it would be great if a player could replay any level.

I had a couple ideas for getting from world to world. In each world maybe a pipe could be there to help players transition from one to the next. Another idea is that there is a single whistle in your inventory that has infinite uses. It transports you to the world select screen and the world pipes are all connected making traveling easier. Also if the player has an infinite use whistle then all normal whistles could be switched out for other power ups. Example: World 1 Level 3 gives you a hammer brother suit.

I feel this would be a nice change to this amazing game.
I very much agree with this idea. :)



Sonic Overmix

- Sonic the Hedgehog 1 hack

- Characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow

- Movements: • Sonic : - Homing Attack
              - Lightspeed Dash
              - Super Peel-Out
    - Humming Top from Sonic Advance 2
              -  Dropdash
• Tails : - Flight Cancel
              - Tail Whip
              - Super Jump from Megamix Mania

• Knuckles : - Drill Dive   
        - Flutter Jump(while glide)
          from Megamix Mania   
• Shadow : - Double Jump
          - Homing Attack
          - Lightspeed Dash

- New levels and music

If you want, I can talk more. contact my email laudinoinfamous@gmail.com


Space Harrier II (Sega Genesis):

A hack that will add all the new graphics, music and sound effects from the Sega Mark V version of it, this way there will be a console and emulator friendly version of that version.

Including another hack that will turn it into a console and emulator friendly version of the Sega Mark V port of Space Harrier 1.


I'm still amazed that with as much work as Linkuei, Billytime, Chelios and Dias put into the Genesis\MegaDrive hack Mortal Kombat: Arcade Edition, they didn't make the blood more like the arcade. The resources are already on the rom. All that needs to be done is implement the right sprites in the right amount at the right time and proper velocity and I'd be happy. I don't know why such a non gameplay item cheeses me off so bad but the blood on Sega's MK1 has always been crap and the Arcade Edition hack is otherwise perfect in every other way.
If I could find the program that Linkuei and crew used to edit the Genesis Mortal Kombat rom, I'd learn at least enough 6800 assembly language to do what I want my self... So uh, if anyone has any leads on a debugger or editor that can work with Megadrive Mortal Kombat, kindly let me know... :thumbsup:
Yo! I be gettin' them fat stacks shootin smack, makin rom hacks and sniffin butt-cracks... Boy,  I know this rhyme is whack, and my use of alliteration isn't exactly exhilarating, but it sure beats being depressed and on medicine, dressed like a furry and beating my meat to venison.