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Mizzurna Falls Translation

Started by starplayer, July 31, 2019, 09:23:19 AM

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So I've finally been able to get this translation working.

Mizzurna Falls was one of the first 3D open world games so it's quite unique in that regard, if a bit clunky.

It was made with Gemini's source code, who made the hack and text injections, and Resident Evie's translation of the text in the game. I just figured out how to compile it all and make it useable, and released it on romhacking. Justinarkinson tested the patch.

There are still some issues, so if someone wants to tackle them, there is a guide for getting started in the readme of the patch.
The most important ones seem to be the menus, that don't show text for the options. You can see that easily in the dinner, when Lorraine asks what do you want to eat.




Oh wow, thank you for doing the work of compiling this translation! Even if it is a bit clunky, it is really cool to have this game finally playable in English in some form. Again, Thank you, Evie and Gemini for the work you all put into this project.


The game isn't fully playable, it actually likes to crash quite a lot to a black screen. I didn't upload the sources for anyone to just compile them and slap an incomplete work together, I uploaded them so that someone could actually complete the thing and give the game the treatment that it deserves. Sorry but I don't like when people release stuff with my name on it in a horribly incomplete state, so I flagged the entry asking for it to be removed unless released in a complete state; I would have released that mess myself a long time ago otherwise.