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Started by M-Tee, December 28, 2013, 09:39:48 PM

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Alright, I cannot be the only one who's looking at this and thinking FAST managed to troll y'all hook, line, and sinker. That said, if you expect that statements including such phrases as "It really isn't that difficult" and "I'm never going to bother reading" are not likely to set people on the defensive, your expectations are dumb as hell.* :P

That also said, FAST, you use a lot of run-on sentences and omit many important commas. This, more so than the voluminosity, is exhausting to read. Well organized writing is skimmable writing.

ONE MORE THING: I'm not so sure anything I do is efficient. I always try to see if I'm repeating some action the computer could do better, or taking too long between steps when it's avoidable. If you are familiar with kaizen, well, the idea is kind of like that. Being able to adapt your process is arguably as important as the process itself.
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Quote from: STARWIN on December 30, 2013, 01:00:47 PM
I'm not sure how you differentiate between a tutorial and a tutorial that focuses on workflow?

I wouldn't give terribly much value for specifying some exact workflow, unless it explains the concepts nicely along the way. I don't know if you'd call it a tutorial at that point though.

However broad or exact goal you will set, it may be a good idea to post drafts of your tutorial(s) to the forum.

Yes, specifying a fairly exact workflow with explanations is the plan. Quite personally I don't like tutorials, and using that term to describe my intention was a poor choice of words on my part.

I plan to make this available as a series of activities in a thread in the Newcomer's forum and
instead of offering a follow-by-number like typical tutorials, it would be intended to have them choose a small project of their own which includes graphics, palette, text, and title screen alteration, with the steps laid out along the way.

The difference between it and a traditional tutorial is that the end result should be unique for each reader, The difference between what I have planned and typical documentation is that it will have the reader learn by doing.

Basically, I'm going to provide what I would have liked to have had to begin with. The intended audience will be limited, as it will be targeted towards graphics hacking, and specifically to those that hold aesthetics in high regard. That being said, I intend it to teach how to use Photoshop as the backbone of the project, and the resulting resource would also prove useful for indie game artists or anyone else attempting retro-game-art.

The scope of what I have planned is something along the following lines:

  • Selecting a low-ambition project to begin.
  • Viewing and Understanding the NES graphics and palette format using FCEUx and yy-chr.
  • Designing with that understanding in mind.
  • Establishing an optimized workspace in Photoshop.
  • Creating, previewing, animating, and inserting graphics from Photoshop through yy-chr.
  • Editing palette hex through FCEUX's hex editor
  • Table construction
  • Text editing, including identifying and altering line breaks
  • Identifying and locating title screen data
  • Understanding the screen in terms of PPU address
  • Title Screen design and input
  • Understanding and changing attribute palette data
  • Creating and distributing the hack as a patch

So far, I plan to include a hex chart for pasting into and identifying graphics, a PSD file for identifying PPU addresses and palette attributes of the screen, custom tile-based graph paper to design graphics away from the PC, and a palette file for Photoshop.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but games that never load different banks of graphics are the mapper 0 games? If so, I believe I would  begin with a list of Mapper 0 games to choose a project from, putting an emphasis on the creation of new graphics.

Hopefully it would result in some more creative attempts from first-timers and less "OMG, it's  characters and items from game X, but they're in game Y!" hacks.

@BRP: If you would be so kind as to remove the obnoxious GIF you have chosen to place ToTP not related to the topic of this thread, it would be appreciated.


I think it is necessary at this point to ask for an end to discussion of FAST's writing style. :police:
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Alright, thread started. I'll build it up, piece by piece, modifying from feedback, etc. and will finally collect the lot, post on my site, and submit as a document.

Judging from its length, I feel I may be the one more prone to long-windedness.