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Can't find some palettes in Aladdin (NES)

Started by macbee, November 08, 2014, 08:51:41 AM

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I'm changing some graphics and colors in Aladdin (the pirate version made for NES, called "Aladdin (Unl) [p1][hM04]").
I was able to change all colors I wanted - until now. I simply can't find the palettes for the first Game Over screen. This one:

Any help to locate the address for the palettes on this screen is welcome.
Thanks in advance,


Nope. :(
I'm able to change colors from other screens - but no sign of the ones from Game Over/Continue.
I enter their values on hex editors but nothing happens.
Thanks for your help anyway.


Try not to look for the entire sequence, but only the first 5 bytes. Then the next 5 bytes. Sometimes the colors are flashing (change), so they are hard to find.
I not the wizard, I only study...


For really small sections of data, like palettes, the code might just have it hardcoded in the instructions to upload it.


Thanks for all replies but I guess this is really beyond my knowledge.
Strangely all palettes for Alladin are very easy to locate from the beginning to the end - EXCEPT this one from Game Over screen. :(



I not the wizard, I only study...


Thank you *VERY* much, Guyver! I'll try it right now. :)