New Super Mario Kart: A new romhack by DebugYoshi

Started by DebugYoshi, January 20, 2022, 09:38:25 AM

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Hey everybody! I have decided to go into romhacking because I have thought about it a lot, and decided why not? A lot of details need to be given.

Firstly, if you didn't know, this is a Super Mario Kart romhack, really just an intention of learning how to romhack. I really intend to make a proper romhack in the future, which I am planning at the moment.

Secondly, all of this is actually being done on a Chromebook, and it's harder then you think. If you're wondering how I'm doing it, I use wine to install all the utilities, and although it took some time, I got EpicEdit to work without any lag, which I am very proud about. My point is, this may take time, and I am busy doing other things too.

Thirdly, this game is already in progress, and about 2 tracks are in development, but I have slowed track development to get the hard stuff out of the way, such as the planned extras game mode replacing battle mode to allow unlocking extra courses, or the (this is only a thought) 32 playable courses instead of 20.

Finally, I wish to mention that there may be tons of updates, all will be posted here, but I may also need some help, in which I may post issues here. As I mentioned above, 2 tracks are already finished, but I'm writing this message from a different computer, so it won't be until later today when I post screenshots of the courses. I am using the Google Drive emulator to load the ROM, so I will have in game images.

See you later everybody!
                           -DebugYoshi  :thumbsup:


Sorry but until you can show off the progress that has been done, I have to move it from Personal Projects.
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These are the screenshots promised earlier:

These pictures are of the intended first course of Mushroom Cup (Mario Circuit 1). This was really not the best work as you will notice I didn't know how anything worked, but the next courses are better, I promise.

These are the pictures of the first course of Flower Cup (Mario Circuit 2). This is far better course design in my opinion, and requires a lot of speed to make those jumps, making this an actually tough course. Sometimes the AI cannot make the jumps either, so it's really random.

Either way, those are the 2 tracks I have planned so far. More coming soon! One last thing: I am open to any form of suggestions, so please, give me feedback on this, maybe the course design and other stuff.