Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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I've got an idea for a comix zone hack that should be simple but would be amazing and would make a lot of sense for the character and the world..if anyone with knowledge of how to edit text in the game would msg me maybe we can make this happen..we would only really need to edit the text in a few places to make an awesome hack..thanks


A hack for Treasure of the Rudras with a better font would be cool to see.


Treasure of the rudras has basically been untouched by hackers to the best of my knowledge. Other rare games like secret it evermore and secret or Manas seem to get all the attention...a better font for this game would be sweet.


TMNT: Turtles In Time (SNES)
A dedicated roll button (the move you do when running+jumping). Would add some defense options and easier access to the slide attack (roll, then attack).

Rodimus Primal

Quote from: Tsukiyomaru0 on August 02, 2022, 09:34:49 PMSomeone is actually building a ROM called Mega Man The Sequel Wars from the ground up.

Personally I'd love to see all 6 NES Mega Man games done on the SNES all things considered.

Also, the colorized Gameboy games projects have been awesome so far. With Mega Man World 5 being colorized, I'd love for the other four to be done for Gameboy Color that can be played on real hardware instead of emulator specific. Same for Kirby Dreamland 2 so the whole series can be in color.


That's an interesting idea. I would love to see color hacks of those. And the Sailor Moon Gameboy games too if possible.

Spider Rico

For Samurai Shodown on the SNES, can we get the defeated fighter to stay laying down the second time they're beat? Or change some of the dialogue back to how it was in the arcade? And the blood graphic when you slash someone is backwards! Can that be fixed too?


You know, looking back at the PS1 era games that involve the Point and Click genre, some of these games don't really work with a PS1 mouse and I'm not sure if there IS a hack of something like that to ensure that you play these point and click PS1 games that originally didn't have that feature.


An english translation of Dragon Quest IV's PS1 version?


It would be cool to have a master system style conversion hack for Tails' Adventure as well as the two GG Shinobi games.


A translation patch of the Japanese PS1 version of Gundam 0079: The War for Earth using the PC English audio.


Idea for Medabots on the GBA:
1. Port over Medarot G stuff into Medabots AX (SHOULD be doable), but keep the plot and map (maybe).
2. GREATLY improve the Medarot Ni Core (which came to US as simply Medabots) by:
► Reducing encounter rate;
► Retooling the Rubberobo Medal mechanic into a simply "Run Away" mechanic so we don't need to farm them anymore;
► Speeding up battle animations OR adding an option to simply disable them altogether;
► Change "Radiation" to "Cooldown".
3. Make it possible to obtain all parts and medals on any version of Medabots AX and Medabots.


Reduce the encounter rate? In my list of "one day if I have time" I will probably up it, though more important than that is increase the variability in enemy types (should be doable enough to have all sorts of weird and wonderful parts combos but instead same few stock setups cycled round).
That said translation of the Japanese ones would probably be the main thing the community at large wants to look at, maybe also finishing the DS ones.

As far as AX I tend to ignore the fighting games.


A hack for Breath of Fire II SNES that allows you to run.


Quote from: MD_Prometh on August 07, 2022, 09:13:30 AMA hack for Breath of Fire II SNES that allows you to run.

Thats already available though in Maesons hack isnt it?


*A Breath of Fire II SNES hack that allows you to run.... a hack that doesn't require a .srm file to run.

LS190 R-Series

Anyone's ears hurt after listening to Sonic Spinball's Options music?


Went to try to run Pac-Man World 3 on the DS and... It needs touch controls to send him running once he starts peeling out. So, here's the deal: Why not patch out most, if not all, touch screen interactions in it?


Considering there are now Undubs being worked on, if it's possible, on the Working Designs games that are being Unworked, is it possible to have any of them to receive their own re-translations as well while being undubbed (especially on the cutscenes)?


An ActRaiser 2 retranslation would be welcome, as the English version is censored.