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Pokemon Crystal Ultimate v1.0

Started by Major_Agnostic, December 14, 2021, 03:00:59 PM

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Quote from: Major_Agnostic on January 16, 2022, 01:45:57 PM
it just takes 5min.

You really underestimate what a huge barrier these 5 minutes actually are. You might lose a lot of possible fans and feedback because people really hate wasting time on unnecessary stuff.

However, that you don't want to check various sites is perfectly reasonable. But the thing is, if someone actually spent a few hours playing your hack and they really like it, then these 5 minutes are indeed absolutely nothing. As then they are invested enough to absolutely not care anymore.


It's not even the time required, Discord is just another Google/Facebook 2.0, their free, because they like to collect and sell user data (surprise, surprise), create shadow profiles on everyone, record things like your IP's, locations, etc.

Not everyone want to hop onto the latest "Facebook" just to try out a ROM hack that may or may not be good.


this is not a user-friendly approach at all, just upload the patch file on like dropbox or google drive and link it in the OP. more exposure, people won't be frustrated with your insistence they join your discord, everyone wins.

of course, if you're distributing a prepatched binary on your discord then you're doing this even more incorrectly as per site etiquitte/legality


Quote from: Special on January 19, 2022, 03:56:57 PM
Won't happen, ThegreatBen already said he found his copy from Google, you're only hurting your users doing this with this whatever "barrier" of yours.

Then why did you post on this site in the first place?

The copy you found is not being distributed by me, so it's not my concern. The barrier is intended primarily for me, although yes, it is mildly unfortunate that you have the Discord barrier. However, most gamers I know have Discord nowadays, so it's not like I'm asking to join a Patreon or some unknown jank barrier.

I just posted on here figuring most people here already use Discord or wouldn't mind setting up an account on the biggest social platform for gaming. Anyway, I'll update the post to say that you can find the ROM using Google so that people who don't want to use Discord will be indirectly pointed to a download link, although I am not responsible or advocating for its distribution via such links.


Dude, they are right, is not about ''everyone uses discord''.
The discord requirement should be optional, not mandatory.


Quote from: Raykusen on March 20, 2022, 04:39:04 PM
Dude, they are right, is not about ''everyone uses discord''.
The discord requirement should be optional, not mandatory.

I actually tried uploading the ROM to this site a couple times, but they make it such a hassle that I just gave up. If someone else wants to upload it, by all means, go ahead. Alternatively, you can find an older version of the ROM pretty easily via Google.

Also, I just uploaded v.1.0.2 on Discord, which adds level caps.