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Re: YouTube/Google Video thread

Started by Kitsune Sniper, January 01, 2009, 02:40:19 AM

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Depends on whether or not they know water puts out fire, I guess.

...What a morbid thing to ask. o.o

Dr. Floppy

My guess is generally, no.
Although some of the smarter breeds (Border Collies) might luck-out and stumble upon salvation if they associate hot days with a refreshing dip in the ol' swimming hole.

(A dog on fire plays a critical role in the Strub National Forest Fire.)


The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki (PSP): Start to Crate
Just kidding. It's not working well enough yet to be able to show you the crate.

Rodimus Primal

Figure I'd show some of the features in Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition:

Dr. Floppy

Here's the full version of the 8-bit "Classical Gas" slated for inclusion in Donner Party 2:

Oh, for anyone concerned about the incinerated dog who sets these events into motion, rest assured that he survives.
(Plot-wise, it actually works out better that way!)

justin3009 - Voice quality replacement test.  This doesn't really take into account the ability to ADD custom voices but it gives an idea of the DRAMATIC quality increase the voices could easily be.
'We have to find some way to incorporate the general civilians in the plot.'

'We'll kill off children in the Juuban district with an infection where they cough up blood and are found hanging themselves from cherry blossom trees.'




I just made subbing debut... well just figured out how anime subbers do it






I have the link of the original video in the description. I have credited the one who transliterated it too.

The art style looks like from Mega Man Zero series. Too bad my phone can't play it  :'(


I animated the game's original waterfall graphics.  I made this using my Legend of Zelda Optimum hack.

Now it really IS a waterfall! :P
My YouTube Channel: RetroRainZX85 -


The once ill-fated Ura-Zelda has been revived by a guy named AeroBlast, and he has posted the latest trailer for the game. If anybody out there would like to help him out then give him a shout. I remember him talking about how making bosses was currently not possible for him right now.


Translation preview for Shadow Brain. Reminds me of a bit of a Megami Tensei knockoff. Probably about 10% one with my playthrough.



Gamma V

Arachnid Antics
This is the latest level in my current Super Mario World hack in progress, Super Mario Land 3: Tatanga's Return.  I have been considering changing the first part of the title to New Super Mario Land though.
Dr. Gates: It's a safe bet those doors are locked.
Optimus Prime: Fortunately, I have a delicate lock-picking technique.  *blasts the door open*


Just me compiling the old Soul Hacker build to check what was done before I pack it for good. Jeez if it looks awful with some of the translation not reinserted.

I should make a similar video for Little Princess, if somebody is still interested in carrying that out.

And random video from my original creation:
I am the lord, you all know my name, now. I got it all: cash, money, and fame.


Translation preview for our Rainbow Silkroad translation. Currently in testing and hopefully released soon.


Lookin' good. Excited to play that someday. I think that's my favorite of the title screens I've made for a translation.


For those who didn't recognise it during the 20th anniversary (I kinda tried to make it viral on twitter and youtube), I released a small challenge version hack for all Terranigma fans to test their skill in the first chapter of the game. Even with a highscore at the end!