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Help With BS F-Zero for SNES

Started by cent208, October 30, 2015, 07:49:20 AM

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Have been on the site in a while. I am not a rom hacker just was hoping to get some assistance. I tried playing the BS F-Zero Grand Prix Knight, Queen, King and Ace leagues on my PC using SNES9X. It loads up fine but I can't get past the title screen. I have hit every button but it just won't get past the title screen. I was told it is an "endless loop" problem. Any suggestions? The link to the roms can be found here. Just an FYI these are officially released games by Nintendo not rom hacks.
. For more information the BS-X add on for the Super Famicom (if you are curious) , check out this link    I would love to play these games, any help would be greatly appreciated.



Linking to ROM sites is a no-no here.

I've never tried to run the BS F-Zero games, but emulation of many of the BS-X games can be tricky.  Your best bet would probably be to use Higan with the Satellaview BIOS ROM.  Also, be sure to try the latest version of SNES9x if you're using an older version. suggests "SNES9Xpp XE" in particular, but that might well be out of date.
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You could just have a bad version of the ROM, but just in case...

I was having problems with some BS ROMs one time and this fixed the issues with nearly all BS ROMs I tried it on.

QuoteGo to $FFD0 in a hex editor and overwrite the first ten bytes there with these values:

00 00 00 00 00 31 00 0A 00 00

May be a different issue but I thought I would mention it.
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You can't play soundlink BSX games on SNES9X.

Try bsnes or snesgt.


That's strange, BS F-ZERO Grand Prix 2 works fine for me on Zsnes. Although, it only has the Ace League. The Knight, Queen and King Leagues appear only in the original F-Zero for the SNES. To me, it sounds like you got a bad version of the ROM that was probably hacked or otherwise modified. Try getting it off a different site. It's really not at all hard to find a good/clean version of the ROM if you just run a Google search for it...

By the way, if you really want to play with the BS cars in the original F-Zero, there's a hack available here that lets you do just that. Here's the link to the hack:
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BS F-Zero (1) is a Soundlink game, but I don't think BSFZ2 is.

Soundlink = it was meant to be played at a specific time alongside live streamed audio.
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I just released a hack which lets you start the game (you can play with zsnes and snes9x but not bsnes). I also added in the version3 title and ingame music. Perhaps, a v4 with lap review, ending music will follow:
Patch should work on all weeks, non-headered version (sfc).

Tracing the remaining music changes is hard, since I need to compare the original music with code left out in this BS version. Means I have to play through the original and the BS game until the point where the music change comes.

The game itself behaves strange: you have a long title screen cascade, then a lap preview, then a practice and then you finally can play the challenge. But this is how it is meant to be, check this original play video on satellaview:

I recommend zsnes to accelerate the non-play parts. Also anybody interested to advance the game further is of course welcome (more music tracks enable, bsnes compatibility, whatsoever missing).

November 06, 2015, 07:24:54 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Alright, turned out that each week needs an own patch. Sorry for this.

Alright, here's the new (inofficial v4) patch:
(added bsnes compatibility, time and ending tracks):

There still needs some correction to be made, esp. in the internal header (sram is 128 kb). Tried to change that too but then the game crashes. Also the music could use more work esp. during the preview. My part on this however is finished.

I also transmitted the file to the rhdn database, it's currently in queue status