Super Mario World NES: The Complete Improvement Project

Started by Somari the Adventurer, July 19, 2020, 11:55:38 AM

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Each new photo update is like a little present. I love what you're doing here.


Quote from: Lusofonia on March 30, 2021, 04:48:50 PM
Is it possible to reimplement those unused states, like the unused skidding one?
Yeah, although it's very unfinished and doesn't seem to do anything besides changing Mario's animation.


I love it, great sprite artworks I'm looking forward for this port!


this kind of work is what makes me think of what nes was capable of, congratulations these graphics are spectacular for nes, I have rom smw nes with a patch that has small graphical improvements, but the gameplay is still bad due to the physics and fast acceleration when moving forward / backward, will this be corrected? could Mario's spin jump be done using the up arrow button + could the jump button on SMW nes be modified? can it be exchanged for 2x the skip button ?, another suggestion, in the first stage there is a platform in the part where you find the second banzai bill, in SMW snes I take a turtle shell and throw it upwards to reach a block that it makes a life drop and then I jump on top of the banzai bill keeping the jump button pressed to get life on the platform before it falls, will that be possible in SMW nes? in that same phase at the very end there are 3 fireballs that in the version they are used to replace the banzai bill, but in SMW snes there is no banzai bill there but a dinosaur, I don't remember the correct name, in short this can be corrected huh? I can't imagine how much you want to make SMW nes so I am in doubt, could you tell us if it will really have all phases and if it will be very similar? sorry my silly questions


I'm from Brazil, I have a YouTube channel and I wanted to know if I could send you the test rom that you got. I could make a video showing your work, because here nobody is aware of this wonder, seeing the photos, you can hardly believe it. so well done that is these sprites :thumbsup:


Background variants of the wooden ends that crush mario in the first castile will this be possible in the nes?


I was playing SMW nes, I realized that the function will not work 2x the jump button to do the spinning jump, the problem is that in the water phases we repeatedly use the jump button to swim and if you are with yoshi the mario will go loose it ok, I want to give a suggestion on the SMW camera nes, the mario is a little further in front of the middle of the screen and this is really bad when we run the enemy appears rapiso and ends up hitting the mario, it would be good to leave the mario before the middle of the screen, this is good to compensate for the lack of the R button that in SMW snes serves to better see what is in front, I hope I helped


Quote from: Flaviogames on April 29, 2021, 09:06:59 AM
I'm from Brazil, I have a YouTube channel and I wanted to know if I could send you the test rom that you got. I could make a video showing your work, because here nobody is aware of this wonder, seeing the photos, you can hardly believe it. so well done that is these sprites :thumbsup:
Please feel free to. Any exposure would be greatly appreciated.

Quote from: Flaviogames on April 29, 2021, 09:18:31 AM
Background variants of the wooden ends that crush mario in the first castile will this be possible in the nes?
Yeah, those can be done with horizontal interrupts.


please ask me a question, how many colors will there be in the mario and yoshi sprite, 3 or 4 colors?


I check everytime for new gfx! Keep up the good work!  :woot!:


I look forward to seeing news about this game

Somari the Adventurer

Hello again, it's been quite a while since my last update, over a month actually, so I thought it was finally time to show off a little progress. Now to be honest, not much has happened in this time beyond some technical progress with the disassembly and us now having a composer. Progress is all round rather slow due to our small team and thus having all of the graphics ready asap isn't really a priority for me right now, but rest assured the project isn't dying, it's just not my number 1 thing to do right now and work is still being done.
But just because things haven't moved much doesn't mean I don't have a treat instore for you all, I proudly present what the title screen will look like in SMW NES:

Now I'm sure that you will immediately think this is impossible, in fact part of the large update delay was in hopes of us being able to get this working first to prove it's legitimacy as no one seems to believe it's doable.
So to prove it's real I'll explain how this works; it's cheating. By using interrupts during render we are able to change not only the graphics bank loaded but also the screen palettes which means that the upper and lower halves of the screen can be totally unique from one another. The bootleg already uses interrupts to display the logo graphics and also to keep the logo in place, so all this is doing is making more full use of that trick by performing a mid-frame palette swap, so this NES screen has 8 background palettes present. The 'L' in the logo is a sprite overlay to make up for a missing colour combo in the palette and then the lower part is using some clever background positioning to cover up palette limitations. Last thing is the berries, they are sprites on the title screen, though in game they will just be background objects. To ensure my mockup was 100% accurate I also remade the upper and lower halves of this image in NESScreenTool, a screen mapping editor for the NES, and sure enough it was able to be displayed as shown here, so hopefully that's enough to prove that this is legit despite everyone I've shown calling it fake.

As for technical progress, it's slow but getting there, more banks have been reverse engineered, more uncompiled source code has been found (and also made use of for labelling memory addresses) and more strange implementations of functions are being uncovered. I wish we had more to say in this department but we really don't have the manpower to get things done more quickly here, PalaceSwitcher has said that at the current rate with our current team, it's likely to be at least 2 years at minimum before this project will be done, and that's probably on the lower end of the estimate.
I'd like to ask again that anyone with programming knowledge who would be interested in porting SMW to the NES to please get in touch with us, graphics I can handle on my own when needed, music now has a dedicated new member (Shauing on our Discord, thank you for joining us if you read this), but reverse engineering and programming is something we are very much in need of help with.
We aren't experienced devs, we are pretty new to this in fact and regardless of that it's a monumental task to rework a game into a full port of this scale with just 3 members, only one of which is capable of programming. This is more than just a simple hack, we aim to create a full port and even opensource the reworked engine one day for others to use for making their own advanced NES games but we simply can't make much headway alone, so if you are interested or can point us towards someone who might be able to lend a hand please let us know, it'd help us a lot.

Anyway that's it for this post, the project crawls forward as ever, so thanks for reading and take care everyone!

Links: Discord Server:   ::::   GitHub:   


this is beautiful to see, I could even say that this is not true, but besides wanting to believe that it is true I also saw your technical explanation, you are a genius of programming in this, congratulations :crazy:

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Shigeru Miyamoto said that SMW was supposed to be done on nes, but the things he wanted to add including yochi was not possible on nes, but there you have it, Somari the Adventurer is a genius of programming without a doubt, and knows the limitations of the nes and dribbles some of them making the res look like a snes, incredible that :thumbsup:

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I wanted to ask you something important for all of us, I have SMW nes with a patch that gives a small improvement including gameplay, but it is still very bad, the reason is because the mario accelerates very fast and another is that traditional jump SMW snes when we jump on a turtle without releasing the jump button so when touching it the mario of a self jump can hit another turtle, another problem is that the jump button does not serve to glide when we have the super mario feather with the cover, will this be possible in this version? ;D

Somari the Adventurer

Glad you like it, though I can't take praise as a programming genius as I'm no good with that stuff, that's all down to PalaceSwitcher, he's the technical brains of all this, but I will admit I'm a genius at NES graphic design ;)
As for the physics fixes and updates to the jumping/gliding mechanics, yup, all of those things will be included. This will be a full port, it's essentially only using the bootleg engine as a base starting point, everything is being redone on top of that so we can basically do whatever we want with the game.


Are you not going to get rid of the stray extra black pixel between the o and w in Mario and World? This was an error in the original SNES version.


Quote from: Satoshi_Matrix on May 10, 2021, 01:52:53 AM
Are you not going to get rid of the stray extra black pixel between the o and w in Mario and World? This was an error in the original SNES version.

I would not have noticed if you didn't say :p


Somari the Adventurer: the graphics are beautiful, so your friend is a good programmer, of course in a team of graphic designers in case you, the programmer who is your friend and someone working on the audio part with sound effects and music, I'm sure that will be a very faithful port, mainly due to the huge banzai bill sprite that you created and that works on the project, maybe someday someone will fix the physics of Nes' Sonic the Hedgehog because it accelerates very fast even when we want to run for the on the contrary side he is too fast, another problem in sonic is those enemy bees at the beginning of the game that shoots fireballs very fast which makes the game tedious, thanks for your attention


@Flaviogames, dude, it's becoming annoying listening about your hacks or ideas regarding irrelevant games all the time. WTF sonic issues have to do with this mario project? Your posts sound like some flood from a spambot was manually edited by an idiot.

If you want to propose something, here is a topic for that

If you want to talk about your personal hacks, create your own topic.

And do not respond to this message, don't embarrass yourself.


Cyneprepou4uk: I didn't comment on any rom hack of mine, I'm not a programmer, I commented on the sonic game for Nes that has a problem in the gameplay similar to Nes's SMW, thanks nonetheless thanks for the link of the ideas, I found it interesting :huh:


Quote from: Lusofonia on May 10, 2021, 07:21:44 AM
I would not have noticed if you didn't say :p

It's a huge Siivagunner thing too. Just look at any of the Super Mario World Rips and you'll see it pointed out at least once.

You can never unsee it.  :D
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