[Technical] [Saturn] Falcom Classics I & II (Xanadu, Dragonslayer, Asteka II ..)

Started by n33k33, August 13, 2022, 05:50:50 AM

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There are still unfortunately many older Falcom games without translations. All the "Shin" / "Renewal" Windows98 editions from the late 90s constitute the best upgrades for those older series like Xanadu, Romancia or Sorcerian. However, those are hard to run for most people on newer PCs ...

As it stands today and with the huge progress of Saturn emulation along the years, we think the most accessible versions of some of those games are the Falcom Classics I & II for Sega Saturn. Namely, Dragonslayer, Xanadu and Asteka II, all in upgraded versions that focused on both graphics and QoL improvements.

The Ys 1 & 2 Saturn versions are interesting too. 1 actually got a machine translation recently. But Ys games are already widely available and the Steam versions can arguably be considered direct upgrades of the Saturn ones.

That said, me and my friend are willing to cover the whole translation process for said games (one of us is a pro JP translator). We know absolutely nothing of rom hacking though so would need the help of people with experience who could deliver scripts we could work on. We got most of the menus and early items already for Xanadu.

Hoping it'll catch you guy's interest :)



Quote from: Toppis on August 13, 2022, 09:28:39 AMactually that ys 1 translation is not anymore machine translation

Yeah just noticed that on segaxtreme actually. Are you in contact with Murzik by any chance ? Would be great if he was interested with his experience on Ys 1.