Translations: Brave Battle Saga - Legend of the Magic Warrior released!

Started by RHDNBot, December 31, 2009, 07:33:18 PM

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I'm bumping this because the patch is no longer available on RHDN for reasons mentioned on the project page. I've got a few questions and stuff to ponder.

Have the rights to the hack and translation been bought as well? It seems fool hardy to not use the work that went into it as at least a base considering the quality of it.

Also, from what I understand, the game contains copyrighted material from Data East and Squaresoft, which makes an official release tricky. AFAIK, Super Fighter Team tends to avoid these types of games because of the copyright issues of stolen assets. So the license holders either need to work out a deal with the rights holders to pay more money, hack the game and replace the stolen stuff and spend more money, or do nothing and hope for no legal action.