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??? help please ???

Started by gameygamer, October 04, 2020, 08:49:11 PM

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 :'( :'( :-\  :huh: :huh: :banghead: How do I submit my ROM-hack??? I've made the IPS file and everything, but I don't know How to post it!  :banghead: :banghead: If you know how, please tell me. Thanks!oof!


When posting on a message board, may I suggest using a more informative subject line than "??? help please ???" If everyone used a line like that, this board would be very hard to read.

Also please do not use excessive emojis.

Also, the link to is in the left-side navigation.
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As Jorpho pointed out, the hack submission area is here:

What exactly are you having trouble with? Would you like me to walk you through the process? I can do so if you'd like.

Try clicking on the boxes with the stylized "?" in a SNES-style image to bring up helpful information on each field.