Possible to change the tile palette attribute in original Gameboy Games ??

Started by amaturehr, January 28, 2023, 02:52:42 PM

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Glad you got it working!

In general, yeah, $20 (x-flip, OBP0) should become $30 (x-flip, OBP1).

Looking pretty polished. It's a neat little hack (IMHO). You've done some amazing things with a very limited palette and a 50% dither.

Looks like you're about ready to submit it?


Thanks for all those that responded on this thread, but special thank you @xenophile for your continued help and follow-ups, and YES, I should be ready to submit soon, just need some final touches, and test 2 player more once my link cable arrives.  Any tips on that process? I haven't even looked into how that process works yet.


Quote from: amaturehr on February 17, 2023, 10:29:18 AMAny tips on that process? I haven't even looked into how that process works yet.

Its pretty easy once you learn it, but it can be a lot of steps. First recommendation I have for you is make it a IPS patch instead of xdelta so it will work with the online patcher. For a hack like this there's no advantage to xdelta and the advantage of the online patcher is huge.

Other than that, the process starts with Submissions->Submit Files. Most things have help and you should read it. Your screenshots are already the correct size (RHDN will enforce 160x144 for GB) so that's good. Plan out four screenshots and a title screen--I literally end up with files named 0.png (for the title screen) through 4.png before I start the form.

The only other tip I've been given is don't go into a huge amount of detail in a readme, and that hasn't stopped me from doing it. Thinking about the nature of this hack, I think you're going to have to explain a little about emulator support; I assume this requires an emulator configured with a bios (or real hardware), which isn't usually the default. I've tested LotMS' color mode with SameBoy, bgb, and Emulicious, and also GBC and GBA (non-SP). I've avoided including instructions since for LotMS this was an "easter egg" feature for quite a while, but you may want to include instructions on how to configure these and maybe others.

Emulator setup instructions seem like a good thing for a readme. You'll probably want a separate blurb for the Description. Oh, and readme.txt can go in your archive but definitely should also go in the readme link in the form (since hopefully most people will use the online patcher).

Do your best to make the reviewer's job easy, but that said, reviewers have rejected my submissions several times, all because I made an easy to correct mistake. I'm incredibly grateful for their efforts to keep me from embarrassing myself.

The only other thing I can think of that I wish I knew is that if you need to do an updated version you use the Edit Entry button instead of going through the submission link again.

It will probably take you over an hour the first time. I personally start by creating a folder for the release, stage my IPS, five screenshots, readme.txt, and a text file with my description before actually starting the process.