Translations: The Magic Candle Translation Released

Started by RHDNBot, July 11, 2015, 08:53:19 PM

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Update By: Pennywise

aishsha and Pennywise present a completed translation of the NES RPG, The Magic Candle.

This project was started sometime in 2014 and was hacked and translated by aishsha. The project files were handed off to Pennywise and he did additional hacks and Ryusui assisted him with the script edit.

Despite having the same name as the PC game series, the Famicom version appears to have little in common with its PC counterpart. The PC devs are only credited with a special thanks in the credits, with the rest of the credits belonging to the Japanese staff, which included a script writer. What probably happened was that Sammy probably purchased the rights to port the game to the Famicom as was common for the time, but for whatever reason, they just made a game from scratch.

Expect a tough RPG with a high encounter rate that requires a lot of grinding. Although the story is pretty good. All in all, it's a fairly enjoyable game for its time.

As for what the future holds, expect a 1.0 release of Megami Tensei this summer. We might also update a few translations as well. Other than that, the next release could end up being a number of games depending on what we focus on next.

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Congrats on another release!

The game was once meant to be officially localized in North America, and I think they even released one screen. Would be interesting to compare if it ever did turn up. (though a rumored date of like 1993 meant it probably would've been way too late in the NES' life, especially for the not-very-popular RPG genre)
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What a crazy thing to randomly show up on here as situated this morning---well done!   :thumbsup:


Nice work guys. At least the unconnected PC Version stands up well to the Ultima games of that time (late 80s) from which it clearly drew its inspiration.