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God Of War Font File

Started by shadow_lonely, June 06, 2014, 12:43:40 AM

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Hi all! I have a texture file (. Bin file). Can you help me open it with TM?
My setting on TM and result! Thanks in advance!

Here my file:!dYhXHbRC!vn4Z-qK65biWC-7TjQ_HFGGsQ1lCVtIptENwbXSFp94
With 16bpp setting


I'm not used to TileMolester but the screenshot you show suggests you just need to change the width of the window or of the tile (not sure which setting Tile Molester uses) in order for the upper part and the lower part of letters to match.


Thanks for your quick reply! I think Dimensions: 512x128 (maybe)
But not work! I tried by more medthod!
I tried this setting:
Quote4bpp linear codec, Mode->Dimensional, offset 0x00000060, Block Size->Custom = 4*1.
Palette->Import From->This File = offset 32, 32bpp, Intel, size = 256.
But not working, too!



From which game?


Quote from: krat0s on June 19, 2014, 05:34:35 AM
From which game did you get this? PS2 or PSP? Gow I or II?

God Of War Chain Of Olympus (PSP)  :laugh: