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ROM Hacks: Pokemon Crystal 251 (v2.0) Out Now

Started by RHDNBot, July 05, 2022, 03:52:44 AM

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Update By: Razormime

Pokemon Crystal 251 was created to maintain the vanilla Crystal experience as much as possible, while providing in-game solutions to finishing the Pokedex 100% alone. As work was being done on a minor update to add a few Mystery Gift items to in-game events, the author found himself adding every missing Mystery Gift and Time Capsule exclusive item, including the hold items and room decorations. In addition, new skills were developed while finding even more room to expand some of the areas developed in v1.x.

With all of the new items added to in-game events, and existing Crystal 251 events receiving substantial updates, the project has evolved beyond a simple decimal update and has become a full version 2.0 update.

While the project focused on players using emulators, every precaution was made to ensure that players who want to play on real hardware can do so, and can still have complete compatibility with RBY, GSC, Pokemon Stadium 1&2, Gameboy Printer, etc. Players on hardware should be able to battle via gamelink cable, trade, and use transfer paks on the N64!

Pokemon Crystal 251 (v2.0) strives to be the best, most complete vanilla Crystal experience possible.

RHDN Project Page

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This sounds fantastic and the throughly detailed readme is much appreciated! It all sounds logical and non-invasive. Vanilla+, which is how I enjoy things. Thank you for putting it together.

If I might make some suggestions for a potential future release...
- a move tutor to teach Pokémon their unique moves from the Pokémon Centre NYC event distributions
- there have been efforts over at Skeetendo to backport the additional GB Sounds tracks from HGSS to Crystal

And while I'm here, Razormime's Yellow 151 is also a great hack and accomplishes its goal in a similar way. But again, some unsolicited ideas...
- a variation patch without the textual/retcon changes for maximum nostalgia
- again, a move tutor for the (far fewer than Gen II above) Pokémon with special moves from event distributions (Pay Day Fearow & Rapidash/Dragon Rage Magikarp/Flying Pikachu, etc.)