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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Hey there. Have been using RHDN for years, but relatively new to the forums. I've been making some pcm music packs for MSU-1 SNES games on Zeldix.

So far, posting here seems a little hit and miss. I made my first post patch submission in March, my first forum comment in April. Each comment that I've made, it has had to be approved by a moderator before it can show up. Is there a way to raise my ranking so I can just converse without having to wait for approval? It seems a little self defeating if the only way to get out from under that is just to post more, but I feel discouraged if I do post, due to the restriction. I don't know what I have to do.

Yesterday I made a comment in this thread for the Wolfenstein 3D Uncut project. It's been quiet in that thread for a while (over 60 days), so I was greeted with the "Unless you're sure you want to reply..." message, but that is, as far as I can tell, the one place where that conversation has been happening. I realize it's a rule of thumb not to resurrect old threads, but the last active activity was in June, not that long ago, so, yes, I was sure I wanted to reply. I wanted to see what the project status is, as I don't know how else to get in contact with all the people involved, and see if I could help. I commented, awaited approval, and I guess my post wasn't approved, because a while later, it just vanished. I didn't get a notification, or anything. I'm not sure what happened there, or what I should have done differently.

So, since that route did not work, I sent a PM to all the active participants in the Wolfenstein Uncut project. But when I look in "Sent Items" it does not show that I sent anything, so I don't know if it actually went out, or if, as a Newbie status, I can't send PMs.



Hey everyone, big time Pokemon Nerd and Nuzlocker and new timer to Rom Hacking :D, ZeroTheDeath's the name(edgy but I made it like 10 years ago).
Anyways I would love to be apart of the community here and help on romhacking projects, it'll take awhile though, as my skill with romhacking
is only minor programming skills, use of romhacking tools, and Pixel art skills.

My best asset and skill from the 3 I mentioned about myself is creative thinking & ideas. Basically I got the ideas but not the skills and
knowledge to execute them into reality, so I may need lots of help x.x

Thanks for reading this and I hope I can make many friends here and get some help and all with my ideas.

Hiro X

Hello everyone, I'm Hiro X I frequented this site a lot just to find awesome Romhacks and translations, and now I decided to contribute by making some translations, looking foward to make some new friends and make the community grow!

(By the way, I'm from South America so my english might not be really good, if that's so, Sorry!)


¡Hola! I just joined, I've been playing translated ROM's for years, just wanted to say thank you to the community.


Hi! (waves) At the risk of stating the obvious, I'm Drew. I'm an old school gamer who is really passionate about classic NES games, and pretty much anything Nintendo in general.

I've always loved games with level editors, especially Super Mario Maker. However, I always dreamed of my level creations reaching both a wider scope than just Mario, and a wider audience too. Thanks to some of the wonderful utilities I've found on this site, here I am, able to begin my fun journey into ROM hacking.

I look forward to making new, fun adventures, for classic favorites that hopefully you'll all enjoy playing as much as I enjoy making.


Hey, everyone! I'm RetraCarteR. I've been a fan of emulation and romhacking for years now, and so I finally decided to create an RHDN account. My skills in hacking are largely self-taught, and I have a basic knowledge of assembly, C, and hex, but that's about it. I have nothing but support for what this community is doing and hope to learn from and contribute to it in the years to come.
"Wait, where do I find that subroutine again?" - me, too often for my own good


I'm way overdue posting on here, been looking around the site & enjoying + appreciating the work done with many a game for, well, dunno how long really. Retro games have a place in my heart and its so cool to see all whats going on in this particular scene.

Have tried to get into hacking myself, and want to hack super mario bros for nes as my first official one. I have trouble comprehending hex editing, but everything else (so far) seems I'm able to cover the learning curve. I have like, no experience with this stuff but the passion is there.

I started with the SNES way back, and played my cousins NES when I would visit him. Those days are dear to me.



I'm "new" here!
Haven't posted here on the forums prior to today from what I know, but I've been browsing around for quite a bit even since before I became a member here.
I'm into games, but when it comes to ROM Hacking, I'm almost exclusively in it for NES-titles. When I play games it's on a real cartridge on a real crt-tv, except for rom hacks.
I like to see what people can come up with and achieve with these old games, and I'm right now on the verge of giving it a shot myself.
In fact, I uploaded two minor hacks today, awaiting some kind of approval.
It's only fitting that I'd introduce myself.



I guess this would be my introduction post. So, Hi!  :)

I'm looking to contribute to the wiki, but it says the username and password are incorrect. Has anyone had similar issues?



There has to be a better life.


Hello World!
I too am new, welcome BaiduMe!


Even though I'm a new member, I've been lurking the forum for numerous years.

I love the website, and all the hard work that has been put into the hacks and translations!

By the way, can anyone tell me when I'm allowed to make changes to my profile?

Captain Autism

I'm Captain Autism, just a bored guy doing some graphics hacks for old games.  Mostly dumb mods, like Bowsette versions of Mario games and an Adam West inspired Batman hack.  I hope to see some good stuff come from myself and the others on this site.


Hi! I'm here because I want to make a ROM hack of one of the following games:
-Pokemon Gold
-Pokemon Polished Crystal
-Pokemon FireRed
-Pokemon Emerald
If anybody needs a team member or wants to work on a hack with me, let me know! In the meantime, I'll probably be playing a game like FireRed 251 Unofficial Throwback patch, which is on this website.


Salutations fellow game enthusiasts! I am Jersin and I am new to all of this (This site, forum, rom hacking, etc...) I am an avid gamer which borderlines on hardcore. FPSs, MMOs, and RPGs are my primary go-to genres, but I'll play just about anything.

The main reason I have meandered here was in search of rom hacking informations (duh?) so I could do some of my own rom hacking (duh? x2). I've been intrigued with the randomizer community, and that fascination has kept growing since discovering it. I am wanting to start on a project for randomizing a (underappreciated N64) game myself but have no idea how to go about some of the tasks. I have some experience with programming in C, C#, Java, and am currently working on Python.

I'll be slinking around here every now and again, and will probably post some silly questions, but I'm glad to have found a resource as rooted as this one.


Hello there everyone, I am a (java) programmer by trade and I want to get involved with helping with translation patches in my spare time. I know a moderate amount of assembly -I wrote a small Z80 emulator once just to learn- but I would like to grow more and hopefully contribute to the fan translation community that has given me so much joy over the years.  :)


Hi everyone!
I am galletteuh but my real name is Anthony.
I am a programmer beginner from France, so I apologize for my limited vocabulary!
I am here because I love video games and I want to translate my favourite genesis game Phantasy Star IV.
Thanks to a contributor of this site my dream is becoming true, and I will need more knowledge to do a good job who deserve its place in a site like this.

I want to collaborate to make video games better than ever!


Hi there, everyone!

I'm Zeera the Reptoid. I used to go by the handle "DarkBones" last time I was in the ROM Hacking scene, over on SMWCentral. While I've followed the ROM hacking scene for a while now (a good 9 years actually, if I recall correctly), and have a decent bit of knowledge on how to hack things myself, I'd hesitate to call myself a veteran, since I have a nasty habit of abandoning projects. Since I finally started getting back into the groove of things, and actually finished a ROM hack for once(albeit, just a minor Pokémon Gen 1 hack), I decided to finally register here and submit it.

I'm eager to see what the community has to offer, and who knows, maybe I'll actually finish more things in the future. :thumbsup:


Hello! New guy here. Happy to have found this great online rom hacking community. I'm hoping to learn with the other members here. Have a nice day!