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Started by RHDNBot, June 27, 2021, 03:59:45 PM

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Update By: Ballz

The emulation and rom hacking community appears to have lost an absolute legend, as reports indicate that coder and rom hacker Near has passed away.

It'd be an understatement to say the community wouldn't be where it is today without Near's contributions. Their creation of the SNES emulators higan and bsnes are still revolutionary today for their accuracy, but let's also not forget Near's numerous hacking and patching tools, the creation of things like BPS and MSU-1, preservation efforts and of course, rom hacking translations.  And this is just scratching the surface.

Above all else, Near was a warm, caring, and gentle person who touched the lives of so many.

Earlier this year, Near completed their one true passion project: their English translation of Bahamut Lagoon.  Near demanded absolute perfection in their work, making this far away one of the most professional fan translations ever made. Their reworking of the game also pushed the SNES to its limits, to the point where some strange glitches began appearing with some people who were playing the game on real hardware using a flash cart.

Ever the perfectionist, Near created a workaround and put out version 1.1 of their translation a few days after the initial release. But they were determined to find out the root cause of the glitch: was it with the sd2snes flash cart, was it with certain models of the SNES itself, or was it something else entirely?

A little over a month ago, Near reached out to Ballz, one of their project beta testers, with a version 1.2 patch, knowing Ballz had experience issues with his 1-chip SNES console. After some testing and playing around with some settings in my sd2snes they did determine version 1.2 fixed the issue. Version 1.2 also contained some script fixes from the project's translator, Tom. This patch is absolutely perfect.

There was a bug, but it was with the firmware to sd2snes and Near fretted about when they should release the patch: do it now before the firmware fix was made and run the risk that some people would still report the bug, or wait until the firmware was updated... which would be who knows when. On June 1, Near posted this update to their site with little fanfare.

This is the final release of Near's Bahamut Lagoon translation. A labor of love literally decades in the making, and an absolute joy to play.

While community mourns the loss of a truly phenomenal person, people can also can take heart in knowing Near's legacy remains.

Thank you for everything, Near. Rest in peace.

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Absolutely awful news. I only knew him by reputation but what a reputation it was.



It really speaks to how dedicated Near was to their work in how often they posted updates of this project. I remember when the patch was in its testing phases and how minor fixes would pop up almost daily in their Discord. Near did so much for the community, and we lost a really kind soul. Cyberbullying is incredibly toxic, and I only wish that Near would have been able to get the help that he needed.
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When Near released Bahamut Lagoon as an open beta last Christmas, he wrote a lengthy Twitter thread on the history of his project. The thread has since been deleted, but it's backed up on  If you can, please take a moment to read it, to see what a labor of love this project was for Near and how much time and effort went into this project.

"Never stop believing in yourself, never give up on your dreams, never let anyone stop you ... no matter what. With every setback, come back stronger. Prove the whole world wrong. I believe in you, as you all believed in me."
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I want to express my most sincere condolences.
Rest in peace, Near.


R.I.P. Near. I didn't know this guy at all, but I take your word for it that he was a very nice guy. :(

Was any cause of death ever disclosed?

Edit: Never mind, I hear it was a drug overdose, as can be seen here,


I didn't know him personally, but rest in peace, Near.


QuoteCyberbullying is incredibly toxic

Calling it toxic doesn't even seem strong enough a term... Call it what it is... Pure Evil...


I can't and don't want to believe that is true, PLEASE!

God, Near is truly a HUGE loss for this community.  I talked a little with him in Twitter, but I can say he was a nice person.  Life will take charge of those WORSE THAN BASTARDS who did harass him until this point.

May his soul rest in peace now.  My condolences for his family, close friends and the whole community.


An absolute Legend... rest in peace Byuu/Near, thanks for everything!!



I'm very sad about the lost of another great person.
Rest in peace Near.



Quote from: Baggins on June 27, 2021, 09:23:50 PM
Calling it toxic doesn't even seem strong enough a term... Call it what it is... Pure Evil...

It's murder.


Thank you for posting this update with context. I will be making a physical repro of the translation as a celebration of Nears work.


I understand that this is an immense tragedy, as is the loss of even a single life from any part of the world, at any time. When the loss of even a single life fails to move us, we have given up a part of our humanity that cannot be easily reclaimed, if at all.

But most of what I've heard about Near in the years leading up to this day has been negative.

You all should think about this, deeply, please. The next time, online, "in real life," or even in the hidden catacombs of your own mind, you think that someone else is "an asshole" or "a jerk" or whatever pejorative you may happen to wish to apply to them, remember that they are somebody's baby. They are a human life. They mean something, by the mere fact of their existence.

Only now am I learning exactly what Near's contribution to the hobby I so loved is, and I am rather hotly angry about it, because all I ever heard about them was that they were no good.

Shame on the people who spread these lies about others. You have better things you could be doing. STOP.


One of the worst happenings within the entire span of the romhacking, emulation, and fan translation scene outright.  >:(

Never a bad interaction or conversation.


...this is really not what you expect to see as front page news.


As a side note, I gotta say, this sounds like one of the quickest translations, so major props to the dedication of all involved.


Such sad almost unbelievable news...Nears work in emulation will live on without him. :(

RIP...shame people have to be so nasty.


Near's extensive contributions to the emulation scene are nothing short of inspirational. It was beyond terrible to hear the latest news. May Near rest in peace.


RIP Near and thanks for everything.

I can only hope that this whole story is an elaborate ruse for you to get off the grid, away from the people who had no right to make your life miserable.