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Final Fantasy VII field data editing (PSX)

Started by elgarta, March 16, 2014, 04:52:25 PM

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Hello all,

I recently decided I felt like messing with the field data in Final Fantasy VII, mainly to do some little things like re-add maps/scenarios that were removed at some point in development (eg. Honey Bee Inn) and clean up some of the localization to make it more consistent with other Final Fantasy releases (spell names, correct location/character names to fit in with rest of the VII universe). But I had a question which I have not been able to verify for myself due to the onslaught of technical difficulties I have had recently, mainly surrounding my PC and PS3 dying on me.

Are the field-data files interchangeable between the 3 discs? So for example, if I made some sweeping changes to a field used in all 3 discs (Rocket Town, Junon, Cosmo Canyon, Nibelheim etc), can I import/inject the data files to all 3 discs and not expect problems? I lost all of my save files I was using for testing when my PC died, and then decided to try it on my debug PS3 unit but the HDD crashed on that so I lost my save files.

I am just wanting to make sure so that if I decide to dabble in some bigger changes, I know whether I need to sit back and do the work on any re-used fields again or if I can just use the first copy for everything. I know all the fields I have looked at closely APPEAR to be identical between the 3 discs, I don't know if there is anything that I am missing. Also, the kernel.bin and scene.bin files are able to be between all 3 discs just fine, so I am hoping that field data is the same.

Thanks for any assistance that can be granted.


IIRC, the whole game (excluding cutscenes, dialogue and probably some music) is on all 3 discs, so yeah, they should be interchangeable.

An example is the Junon glitch, where you can fight Disc 2 enemies on Disc 1.


Yeah that does seem to be the case, I did dig around in the MOVIE folder and saw that the movies were the only files that seemed to be different in there, and I just read up on that glitch too. I never knew that you could change discs and still play back in the day lol.

Also there seem to be ALOT of random script calls to movies that are not relevant to that particular file, like the script calling for the Midgar Train sequence in the last map before you fight Sephiroth. That is why  I wasn't sure incase something tripped me up.

Thanks for the response.


To be super-precise, all 3 discs are the same except for:

  • the MOVIE directory (some files are on all discs, but the story-related FMVs exist only on their respective CD)
  • the two files in the MINT directory: DISKINFO.CNF/DISKNUM.CNF which the game uses for determining the disc number, and MOVIE_ID.BIN which holds the index to the FMVs in the MOVIE directory
  • the name of the main game executable (SCES_008.69/SCES_108.69/SCES_208.69 for the German PAL version, for example); the contents of these files are identical, though
  • the SYSTEM.CNF file which contains the name of the executable
  • the SNOVA directory which exists only on disc 3, although empty sectors are reserved for it on disc 1 and 2 as well
Also, the game expects most files to start on the same LBN (and have the same size) on all discs; otherwise it may crash during disc changes. So to be on the safe side, if a field is changed on one disc it should also be copied to the other discs as well.


IIRC, only movie allocation tables are replaced when you swap discs. As for the Supernova, the thing is missing only on Western builds and International, but can be restored and used always. The original Japanese Supernova is still on all three discs, including on Western builds.
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