Hello, I'm gonna hack Pokemon Gold Silver (the bootleg SNES game)

Started by KPBR, February 08, 2022, 08:13:00 PM

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Heyo! I go by Kappaburra, or KPBR, if you prefer.

So, I'm trying to hack a bootlegged SNES platformer called Pokemon Gold Silver.

Info: https://bootleggames.fandom.com/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Gold_Silver
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdmPH3JYFzA

Judge it at your own vocation. (And try to cope with the music getting stuck in your head!)
From what I've experienced, there's a lot of jank within it, especially in how the player characters control.
Also, I have no clue what the graphics are doing, what with the static that appears when I view it through YY-CHR and all the rapid swapping it does in-game? I wanna know what's up with that.

And also what the deal with Electrode being unused is all about (its graphics are hidden in the game).

Thus, my goals with this game are as follows:
> Inspect and learn about the game's organization and limits, checking for unnecessary data, if it's there
> Adjust the game within its limits to play as optimally as it possibly can
> Reorganize the game's code and improve gameplay (and maybe some palette/graphic adjustment)
> Maybe use what I've learned to resurrect Electrode??

Ultimately, I want to improve this game (and maybe its "sibling" game with the same engine, Digimon Adventure) and make it ripe for others to hack; after I'm done with it, I want to eventually change the graphics and some other gameplay elements to make my own thing... sorta. A bootleg of a bootleg... minus the money, ill-gotten or otherwise.

I'm very new to ROMhacking; I know some surface-level things like hexidecimal and how to observe code in MESEN-S. I know jumping into this sorta thing is very reckless, so I'm gonna take baby-steps with this one. This is just establishing a long-term (and honestly passive) goal I have right now.

Anyhoo, help, advice, observations, etc. is very much appreciated! :)

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(So, it's come to my understanding that posting that if I'm going to update on progress with this project, I must redirect to the Personal Projects sub-forum. If this is true, should I update this initial message with a link to a thread where I can post updates? Or should I copy-paste and restart the initial thread there altogether?)


It is permitted, but not required, to create a Personal Projects thread ONLY AFTER you have some actual progress to show.
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